Elven Juggler, Follower of the Gods of Light, and Demigod of Entertainers and Random Rocks.


Tall and well dressed in black silks with silver trimmings and a top hat and always well groomed beard. He is very possessive pf his beard.
Picture from our own AZ Rune.



Merkl was born to an unknown Elven couple in the Eastern Territories, it is unknown to him what they were doing there but they may have been settlers or even wanderers, but before his second birthday the party that they were in were attacked on the Eastern Territory/Old Kingdom border, and everyone was killed and their wagons burned. Merkl however had been hidden in some brush nearby just before the attack and so survived, until the site of the atrocity was discovered 2 days later by a band of traveling performers who heard him wailing for food. The troupe then adopted him and brought him into their fold, and after a few years they noticed his quick hands and is adeptness with multiple objects so they trained him in the fine art of juggling, which he took to like a duck to water. As he grew his skills with juggling increased rapidly so Rizoel, the Troupe Leader decided that his quick hands could be turned to other things and started training him in other dexterity requiring skill, and as Merkl wasn’t to bad with his hands he started picking up those skills as well, so by the time he was 14 he was joining in some of the acts, and by the time he was 16 he had managed to get journeyman marks in juggling. Rizoel also tried to mold Merkl into some semblance of a gentleman, so he could blend in with the Gentry, who were Rizoels preferred marks, and Merkl being Merkl resisted every step of the way, wondering why he was sometimes writing with chalk on a board, when the others his age were out tumbling and juggling and knife throwing and testing his wits against various town watches. When he was 17 disaster struck the Troupe as Rizoel’s wife, Trelaine fell ill whilst they were doing a play in a small backwater village, and the only church there was a church of light and dark, but the priest was actually a cultist to Apepi, and while pretending to heal her, sacrificed her to Apepi. The church had heard of untoward things going on here and sent a contingent to investigate, which arrived a day late. The Cultist was found guilty and sentenced to hang, but just before he was to hang, he ingested some poison, stabbed himself in the back 5 times, slit his own throat and then kicked the lever that then hung him. There was an investigation over this but lack of evidence and the fact that the man who had died was a self confessed murder meant that the Group from the church of light helped with what damage the cultist had done, installed a priest of light and then moved on to the next trouble spot and their kindness truly surprised Merkl.
After Burying Trelaine the Troupe went straight back to Llorn, where they were based to let Rizoel grieve for the winter. When the Blackpoole troupe headed off again it was a much sadder party, so they spent 2 years doing a 1 year block, but by the end of it Rizoel had given up caring where he was going so the Troupe started following the logs out of Rizoels black book which was his diary of where they had been and when, so a semblance of normalcy returned to the Troupe.
Merkl has performed in the famous theatres, wowing people with his extreme juggling skills, and he dabbles as a magician as well. He is good friends with most of the troupe members, except the “Man of Unbelievable strength” Greyson Jeeks, who Merkl teases, but th is started when they were much younger and Greyson would pick on a lot of the younger boys and get them to do his less desirable jobs, as he is very strong, being an ex blacksmith apprentice. One night after being picked on (read beaten up) by Greyson, Merkl put some sleeping herb in Greysons drink, and while Greyson was sleeping Merkl cut off Greysons beard, then went immediately to the head makeup lady in the troupe and got her to use a special glue to stick the glue the beard to Merkl’s face.

Lictalon said go to Baalgor on the first of RA to see a wonder

Name: Merkl the Magnificent true name: Karael (Karayl) Thaddeus Merkl
Rank 20th Level
OCC: Juggler
Race: Elf
Land of Origin: Eastern Territories
Citizenship: None

HT 6’6″ IQ 18  +4% Save vs Magic +1 Strike +6
WT 220 lbs ME 12 Save vs Psionics +3 Parry +8
PPE 332/332 MA 17 Save vs coma +4% Dodge +9
ISP 87/87 PS 14 Save vs poison/disease +1 Roll +7
HP 97/97 PP 19 Save vs horror 0 Pull +7
SDC 128/128 PE 16 Initiative +6
Exp 1,075,075 PB 17 Damage +5
Sex M SPD 28 Charm/


35% Disarm +1
Birthday 8/30/53 (60 years old) Trust/


 45% Critical 18,19,20
HTH: Basic  KO from behind Attacks 8 (11) (+1 Isis bonus)
Align Unprincipled Passive
7 Percep +4

Western Empire 0<> Island of Bizantium <> Eastern Territory 13999
Timiro Kingdom <> Elven Empire 0gp <> Dragon Coins 

Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry/Entangle Thrown/Rate Range/Damage
Sword 1 +8 +7 +4
Knife 1 +7 +7 +11 (Target inc)  40′
Targeting 1 +9 +2/ varies
Whip 6 +5 +5 +4
Paired:Knives 1
Paired: Whips 7

Weapons: Damage Notes
Requiem 6D6 See Page
Nasse, Dagger from Lictalon 1D6 Bonuses VS Hades Dwellers and Ex Crisis members
Jecetri 1D4x10 See Page
Marble of Transformation Silvered edge dagger 1d6 20
Tiny Teabell Hammer of thunder hammer 1d4 +2d6 thunder damage 1
Main Gauche 1D4 +1 Parry
Throwing Knives 1D4 8
Throwing Axes 1D6 6
Throwing Pins 2D4 4
Cleavers 1D6 4
Sling 1D6 24
Bull Whip 2D6
Cat O’ Nine Tails (Whip) 2D6
Armor AR/ SDC Notes
Magic Leather Armor AR15 SDC 100 Noiseless, Impervious to Fire, Leather of Iron, Magic sdc (included), Fleet Feet x3 Daily for 10 minutes
Special Attacks: Damage Notes
Karate 2D4
Leg Hook 0 Knockdown
Back Sweep 0 Knockdown
Body Flip 1D6 Knockdown
Roundhouse 3D6 1/melee, no other kicks
Special Powers Description Notes
Nightvision 60’
Targeting-Special Throw 2 extra items/melee. Throw anything w/ wp bonus

Spell Level ISP Range Duration Save Description

Power Type ISP Range Duration Save Description
Telekinesis Physical Special 60’ 2 min/lev Dodge +3 Strike
Teleport Object Physical 10 3’ Immediate None Teleport up to 19lbs (1lb/ level) up to 950ft (50 feet/ level). Automatically successful when ‘porting to any place in one’s clothes (pocket, purse, sack, backpack, saddlebags). See power for percentage chances to successfully send it elsewhere.
Eternal Torch Ring AR 14

OCC Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Language:Eastern 98 1 20 98%
Language:Elven 40+5 5 1 20 98%
Language:Western 40+5 5 1 20 98%
Juggling 35+5 40 1 20 98%
Concealment 20+4 9 1 20 98%
Palming 20+5 10 1 20 98%
Streetwise 20+4 4 1 20 98%
WP Targeting 1 20
WP Knife 1 20
WP Sword 1 20
Rope Works 30+5  4 10 20 84%
Detect Concealment 25+5  4 17 20 44%
OCC Related Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Prowl 25+5 10 1 20 98%
Lang:Southern 40+5 10 1 20 98%
Lit Elven 30+5 10 1 20 98%
Escape Artist 25+5 10 1 20 98%
Pick Locks 30+5 10 1 20 98%
Land Nav 30+4 5 1 20 98%
Horse:General 0 1 20 0
Horse:Knight 0 2 20 0
Horse:Paladin 45/40+5 2 20 98/98%
Use/Recog Poison 24/16+4 14 4 20 98/95%
Dance 30+5 5 4 20 98%
Id Plants/Fruits 25+5 5 6 20 98%
WP Whip 6 6 20
Pick Pocket 25+5 15 8 20 98%
Public Speaking 30+5 9 8 20 98%
Seamanship 22+4 4 10 20 66%
Sewing 25+5 9 10 20 84%
Play Musical Instrument (Flute) 25+5 14 10 20 89%
Secondary Skills Base % Start Current Total %
Card Shark 28+4 1 20 98%
Acrobatics 20
Gymnastics 20
Climb 40/35+5 1 20 98/98%
Cook 30+5 1 20 98%
Wild Survival 30+5 3 20 98%
Swimming 40+5 5 20 98%
Writing 20+5 7 20 89%
Running 9 20
Play Instrument- Guitar 25+5 11 20 74%
Play Instrument- Drum 25+5 18 20 39%

Name Count Location Description
Small Sacks 3
Gryphon Claw Gloves 1 Pair, always worn P. 258 Main
Crystal of Light 1 given to hoggle
Boots of speed 1 Pair, always worn P. 258 Main
Sweetsong potion 8 The potion instills the user with an absolutely incredible singing voice for 30 minutes.
Itching powder 5 containers Very uncomfortable, lasts for 2D4x10 minutes or until washed off. Victim is -4 on initiative, -5% on skills and is distracted. Affects bare skin only. P. 254 Main
Potion of superhuman strength 4 Same as spell magic P. 253 Main
Cherubot rope that is immune to normal weapons 200ft The rope can support up to 800 pounds P. 257 Main
Street Clothes 1
Performing Clothes 1
Juggling Balls 10
Juggling Pins 8
Treated Torches 8
HQ Rations 24 days
Crystal Flask 1 From Noname in renvin
Flask of water 1 From crystal clear waters in renvin
Amulet of protection from undead 1 From azariel
Cigar of spirit banishment 9 From azariel
Wax sealed message for Gabriel from azariel 1 from azariel
8 man Environmental Tent 1
Glass Goblets 12 Taken by Haladriel
Clay Bowls 12
Backpack 1
Bedroll 1
Shoulder Bag 1
Tinder Box 1
Water Skin 1
Smoke Bombs 29
Magic Top Hat of Conjuration 1 The magic hat of conjuration can conjure anything that is in the standard equipment list, so no magic items, also food and drink thusly summoned is only temporary and disappears after 10 minutes. Cost 1ppe point per item. Items so summoned are the equivalent of what they are supposed to be so a conjured frying pan could cook eggs.
Each Conjured item lasts for 10 minutes.
Ring of Fireball 1 Can cast 3 fireballs per day doing 6d6 damage
Ring of lightning 1 Can cast 3 lightning per day doing 6d6 damage
Ring of Globe of daylight 1 Can cast 3 globes of daylight per day
Ring of Extinguish Fire 1 The power to instantly put out an area of
fire. Affects a 15 foot (1.5 m) diameter of fire. Range: Up to 30 feet +5
feet (9 +1.5 m) per level of experience. Duration: Permanent until set
on fire again.
3x day @ lvl 6
Ring of Animate object 1 Page 197 Main book 3x a day @ lvl 6
Ring of Multiple Image 1 3x day @ LVL 6
Ring of Escape 1 The escape invocation enables the mage to magically escape any
normal bonds or open any locking mechanism that bars his way. This
includes being tied with rope, handcuffs, prison cells, doors, trunks,
locks, straightjackets, etc. One restraint or lock can be undone per each
invocation. Only gagging the mage will prevent the use of this magic,
and only magic restraints and locks are unaffected by this spell.
X3 daily @ lvl 6
Ring of Levitate 1 The warlock can lift himself, another person, or object straight up
into the air. Maximum weight is 200 pounds (90 kg) per level of experience.
The maximum height is 30 feet (9 m) per level of the warlock.
Levitation is the ability to rise straight up into the air, horizontal movement
is impossible. page 222
X3 daily @ lvl 6
Ring of Cloud of Smoke 1 This spell enables the warlock to create a cloud of dense black
smoke (30x30x30 feet/9x9x9 m maximum size) up to ninety feet away
(27.4 m). Victims caught in the cloud cannot see out of it and the smoke
prevents them from seeing more than three feet (0.9 m) in front of their
face. Thus, striking at an opponent more than three feet (0.9 m) away in
the smoke is striking blind, -5 to strike and -9 to parry and dodge.
X3 Daily @ lvl 6
Ring of Thunderclap 1 Directly affects the immediate area (30 feet/9 m) around the
magic weaver, but can be heard up to one mile (1.6 km) away. The invocation produces a booming clap of thunder that is so loud
that it seems to make the air vibrate. A thunderclap is an excellent
means of alerting or signaling allies, as well as a way of intimidating
one’s enemies.
X3 daily @ lvl 6
Merkls Cloak of Transformation and Hero Jumping 1 Turns into a Whip when the word Tarn is said while concentrating. If the word Tumulti is said the wearer can jump great heights and land with thump and a puff of dust
15ft long red ribbons that will float in the air if released 6 cannot take any extra weight


Spells Known: 10Spell Strength: 12

td>Impervious to fire

Spell Name Level Acquired Spell Lev Range Duration Save PPE
Blinding Flash 20 as char 60’, 10 ft radius Instant Std 1
Cloud of Smoke 20 as char 90’, 30ftx30ftx30ft Instant Std 2
ThunderClap 20 as char 30ft Radius Instant Save vs HF 4
Super Strength (30ps, 24pe, +30sdc,doesn’t tire) 20 as char touch Instant none 10
Cleanse 20 as char Touch Instant No Save 4
Merkl’s Mirthful Moments 20 as char 20ft Radius, 60ft range Instant Standard 4
Globe of Daylight 20 as char 30ft 3mins/lvl none 2
Ventriloquism 20 as char 10ft Instant Save vs HF 3
20 as char 60ft 5min/lvl none 6
Sense Traps 20 as char 6ft Instant None 7
Drama Cards, Luck Points, Ace in the Hole
Drama Card Wait All enemies with 30m lose their next action
Ace in the Hole 1 Spent Ace trying to save Grignak from Crystal King
Luck Points 0 Failure to Update, Thus Lost 2


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