Millennium Tree Staff of the Wind

Staff of the Wind

This is a staff from the fabled Tree of Life Millennium Tree. It has an oval shaped hole at the top and long, vine-like strands that constantly seem to be blowing in the wind even when there is no wind.


  1. The constant powers granted to its owner (Silent Dream) are Float in Air and the ability to sense wind direction. Others holding on to the staff can float in the air with the owner until they let go.
  2. Spell Magic: A total of ten spells can be cast per 24 hours (but no more than 5 of the same spell). Spells available include: Levitation, Fuel Flame, Fly as the Eagle, Fingers of Wind, Call Lightning, Wind Blast, Summon Fog, and Calm Storms. Spell strength is equal to a 20th level Wizard.
  3. The staff is 4ft, 9in tall (as tall as Silent Dream, the person to whom it was given) and is indestructable.
  4. The staff has 80 P.P.E. which can be siphoned by its owner or other creatures provided they have the permission to do so from the item’s owner. The item must be in the user’s possession in order to draw on its additional energy. As this energy is siphoned it can even be converted into I.S.P. on a 1:1 basis and used to fuel Psionic powers!
  5. Damage as a weapon is 2D6 S.D.C., but does 2D6×3 damage against vampires.
  6. The staff regenerates all lost P.P.E. after a 24 hour period has elapsed.
  7. Constant powers and abilities given to the item’s owner remain constant only while the character has the magic item in his possession. If he loses the item he losses all the abilities associated with it.
  8. The powers of the item reflect the reason it was given; in Silent Dream’s case, the Danzi/Avatar who gave this to Dream told him “Looking into your future, there is something that you will need” and first tried to present a wand, but changed his mind and gave him this staff instead. This was in response to Dream’s honest desire to be “useful” to CrIsis.
  9. When the staff is given back to the Tree of Life, it is shoved gently into the tree, where it turns back into a living part of the tree. Often a Druid or Danzi shaman will return any item made from the Tree of Life, back to the tree, for it is said that only the individual “given” the item should ever use it. They do this out of respect for this incredible spirit of nature and ask for no gifts in return, however, the Tree may heal the character or grant him inspiration or insight in gratitude. Only rarely does it allow the character to keep the item or give him some other one.
  10. Glade Druids will instantly recognize all true Tree of Life items.
Spell Magic Spell Strength: 18
Spell Name Level Range Duration Save Description
Float in Air 5 Self or by touch (of the staff) Continuous/ At will None Air currents are created to hold the person aloft about 1ft above ground. Can be used to slow descent or float on top of water. Floating people are -1 on all attacks, strikes, parries, and dodges. Movement speed is halved.
Levitation 2 60ft 1 hour Standard Move a person or thing straight up and/or down, and suspend/ hover in air. Max height is 260ft. Max weight is 600lbs.
Fuel Flame 3 100ft Instant None Double a fire’s size. Affects a 10ft radius of fire.
Fly as the Eagle 7 Self or others 100ft away 6 hrs, 40 min None Bestows the power of flight. Max speed is 50 mph. +1 parry, +2 dodge, +2 damage w/ sweeping attack. Bonuses only apply when flying.
Fingers of Wind 3 90ft 15 min None Conjure and manipulate a wind to touch, tap, bump, or press against a person/ object. Able to move or knock over small items weighing 10 lbs.
Call Lightning 6 300ft Instant Dodge at Nat. 20 or modified 24+ Creates a lightning bolt to shoot down from the sky to strike any desired target. Must be in line of vision. Damage is 20d6. Can be cast outdoors or indoors.
Wind Blast 8 2,00ft Instant 18+ to prevent losing balance Create a titanic, bit concentrated blast of wind with hurricane force. +6 to strike. Damage is 22D6, plus the person struck must make the save or be knocked down.
Summon Fog 11 200 miles away 20 hours None Call forth a dense fog that covers a 20 mile area, 1,000 feet tall. Add +20% to all prowls. Long range attacks are -5 to Strike and +2 to dodge. Vision: All sense of direction is lost. Can only see clearly up to 4ft away. 5-10 feet away is shadowy/ blurry shapes. Past 10 feet is completely obscured. Light sources make it worse (½ sight range but light is seen by others up to 30ft away). Travel: Spd. 3 is safe; no chance of tripping. Spd. 10 is less safe; 30% chance of tripping every 30 feet traveled. Above Spd. 15 is hazardous; 60% chance of tripping every 30 feet. Above Spd 36. is certain disaster; 85% chance to run off road, stumble or crash into something.
Calm Storms 12 20 mile diameter 20 hours None Can calm the tumultuous tempest of nature. Slow a downpour to a light rain, reduce wind speed by half, reduce the size of waves by half, and lighten the dark, stormy skies. Effective against natural and magically induced storms.

Image Credits:
Staff picture by Tokobauzsos