An Elven scout working with/for the native Human, or Eoten village of Kanáta’ found along the shore of Bear’s Head Bay. She is very tall for an elf and is pushing 7 feet in height. She is a follower of Bast, but due to an incident in her past has an “No Troll or Orc” policy when it comes to anything more than friends.

In the month of Corg in the year 114 she met CrIsis and developed a fascination with Silent Dream and Xerx’ses. There appears to be some reciprocation of affection from Silent Dream. While she is pursuing Xerx’ses the Minotaur has been heard saying that friendship make for better relationship foundations. Time will tell which way this love triangle goes.

She has been tasked as a guide to CrIsis to two different locations:

  1. Stonelogger.
  2. The entrance to the Sovereignty of Terosh.

She has an incredible +18 for her strike with a bow, and 8D6 damage. She also has a +11 to save vs. horror.