Old Items




These items are not being actively used, or are used by NPCs

The Vanishing Phoenixi Tiny Tiny’s Greater Rune Battle Axe
Thunder and Lightning Tiny Tiny’s Magic Battle Axe
Vindicator No Name No Name’s Holy Scythe
Silver Torch No Name Isis Silver Torch
Life Gives Strength No Name Bracelet of Strength
Book of the First Sinner No Name Book of Necromancy
Crystal Crown Hoggle Crystal Crown
Seki A’nen Luther Luther’s Rune Dagger
Necroilus Iceborn Serpent Ships
Khonsu’s Touch (Lost) Ursus’ Rune Longbow
Oathbringer Indaris Indaris’ Rune Flail
Fung You Indaris Indaris’ Shield
Overkill’s 50 Names Honeysuckle Redbeard Crew
Guppy CrIsis Underwater Boat
Book of A’zad Xerx’ses Book of Magic
Harness of Law Xerx’ses Xerx’ses Magic Armor
Prodromus Lex Xerx’ses Holy Flail
Uradi Votum Caelo Lux Xerx’ses Book of Station
Tobi No Name Ghostly Familiar
Dirgannish Jidian Jidian’s Magic Bow
Escanfel Jidian Jidian’s Holy Sword
Hannida Jidian Jidian’s Magic Shield
Lithos Jidian Jidian’s Rune Arrow
Pyr Jidian Jidian’s Rune Arrow
Eye Tile Magic tile of remote viewing
Alpha Unknown Grignak’s Lightbringer Sword
Omega Unknown Transforming Weapon
Magos Kom’var Magic Rune Ring
Ursian Ceremonial Dagger Father Titus Dagger
Callandor Xerx’ses Rune Cutlass
Vereth Pantheon of Taut Rune Sword
Wilson and Bilson Eyes Magic Balls
Three Sisters of Dawn Bron, No Name’s Son Indaris’ Holy Flail
Rogtilda CrIsis Enchanted Boat
Yeremond Azariel Legendary Rune Sword
Polaris Hannah Hannah’s Holy Bow
Y Weapons Ja’Deir Weapons from the Volcano of Y
Iceflame Iceflame Dirk’s Rune Sword
Miseito Psalidia Unknown Holy Blade of Utu
Book of Terosh Congregation of Terosh Terosh’ Teachings
Black Thunder Willy Willy’s Eagle
Eye of Yrecyn ReSet Rune Scrying Eye
Uraeus’ Fang King Guy Magic Sword
Gantrium King Guy Magic Conductive Metal
Demon’s Brew Land of the Damned Strong Alcohol
Horus’ Beak Raulf Holy Dagger
Apis Horn Raulf Holy Dagger
Armara Raulf Raulf’s Holy Rune Sword
Sunsight Amulet Asher Asher’s Amulet
Ra’s Will Asher Asher’s Holy Dagger
Nosse Caminata Caminata’s Wolf Companion
Enshalla Caminata Caminata’s Holy Staff
The Huntress Alouette Rune Bow
Book of Shadows Fraevian & Hasselthon Book of Magic
Ring of the Wanderer Overkill Image of Elanu
Xama’sconde Azariel Azariel’s Magic Mace
Stone of Bridges Azariel Magic Stone
Eye Tile Ja’Deir Magic tile of remote viewing
Lictalon Azariel Azariel’s War Horse
Kupyr Asher Asher’s Familiar
Lector’s Revenge Greminor Lector Drauka’s Flamberge Sword
Horus’ Light Overkill Overkill’s Runic Armor
Greminor Overkill Overkill’s Longsword
Cherlindria Overkill Magic Lyre
Mindprancer Kel-ed Rune Sword
Tristine Chronicles Library of Bletherad Palladium History
Redbeard Overkill Overkill’s Former Pirate Ship
Xanthene Tyvernos Magic Conductive Gem
Scepter of Apis Tyvernos Magic Scepter
Otto Tyvernos Tyvernos’ Dog Mount
Fulmination of Greminor Tyvernos Magic Trident
Bennu Bernard Collar of Ithan Otto Magic Collar
Apis Embrace Ja’Deir Ja’Deir’s Magic Armor
Deringer Shara Lechellsa Shara’s Kukri
Link Shara Lechellsa Shara’s Familiar
Kasteel Guttlecraw Guttlecraw’s Great Gryphon
Sauromorgue Monks of Shandala Guttlecraw’s Soul Drinking Pike
Blow Gun of Amon Mangy Carl Mangy Carl’s Blow Gun
Mretmet Lady Daera Kaze Lady Daera’s Holy Cleaver
Aldenjinn Lady Daera Kaze Lady Daera’s Rune Kukri
Buzz Ulfar Ulfar’s Armor
Dread Pirate Jason’s Treasure CrIsis Treasure
Glaive of the Old Ones Legion of Northmoor Weapon of Ultimate Destruction
Thor-ak Cava Cava’s Axe
Sun Disc Amulet Cava Amulet on Necklace
Shimring Cava Magic Ring
Peri Cava Drauka’s Falcon
Inas Cava Enchanted Long Bow
Troker Ship CrIsis Merchant Ship
Lathatatlan Sir Quixis Ote Rune Broadsword
Feather Shield Sir Quixis Ote Rune Shield
Dwarven Juggernaut King Kai Ancient War Machine
Hoedric’s Letter Malkin Alarassa Argosy
Anzuroq Zeelik Stonemace Rune Stone Mace
Aurora Tristinium Malkin Falimede Old Copy of Tristine Chronicles
Now You See Me Bungo Bungo’s Magic Dagger
Flail of Prayers Xerx’ses Xerx’ses Flail
Trigger CrIsis Horse
Scepter of Ra Gavin Gavin’s Scepter
Skred Gavin Gavin’s Pony
Jade Sword Gavin DPJ Treasure Sword
Florius Gavin Enchanted Short Bow
Eledor Gavin Psi-Sword
Anti-Slavery Pin CrIsis Statement Pin
Anhur’s Ankh Gavin Holy Short Sword
Nicole Tyrone Tyrone’s Riverboat
Sunsight Amulet Roggan Roggan’s Amulet
Staff of Stonelight Roggan Roggan’s Stone Staff
Murodin Roggan Roggan’s Obaru
Goblet of the Earthfriend Roggan Roggan’s Magic Goblet
Fiero Roggan Roggan’s Long Spear
Chima Roggan Roggan’s Tea
Bluto Roggan Roggan’s Rock
Gina Roggan Roggan’s Golem
Charlemagne Charlemagne Navelo’s Dog
Justice Navelo Navelo’s Horseman’s Flail
Bucephalus Navelo Navelo’s Horse
Glaive of the Old Ones Legion of Northmoor Weapon of Ultimate Destruction
Gina Picture Cava Picture from Roggan
Trulac Drauka Danzi Arrow Poison
Lion Headdress Thoth Magic Lion Headdress
Rashad Ferrel Clairvoyance Drug
Humara Krins Karma Karma’s Lance
Striker Minischmee Dwarven-crafted Broadsword
Hot Lips Minischmee Minischmee’s Demon Slayer
Pike of Retribution Raf Holy Pike
Necrom Thoth Evil Rune Sword
Staff of Cobras S’Erith Magic Staff
Ood S’Erith Silonar
Enforcer of Light Robert the Just Holy Mace
Hammer of Healing Robert the Just Holy Warhammer
Bertie Chip Ion Blaster
Hawk Eye Minischmee Dwarven-crafted Scimitar
Al-mar-syzzn Ramen Rune Throwing Axe
Gladys Bexx Biomancy Knife
Sliver of Horus Chu Enchanted Spear
Prav Known by Rell Enchanted Throwing Axe
South Wind Rell Rell’s Horse
Lyev Known by Rell Enchanted Throwing Axe
Aria Greldarr Holy Sword