Osiris’ Left Eye



Was rumored to be in the Northern Hinterlands.

Sulyott confirms that it was held in Ogenheim, Kiridin, Northern Hinterlands, one of the barbarian lands. Was possessed at that time by Nightcloud, one of the 3 so-called furies.

See the log Civil War, Barbarians, and Other News for the initial report. It was sent by Minischmee while he was King of Bizantium.

Later it was found that it is now held by Terosh, who now wants more pieces of Osiris.

The Eye is about the size of a normal human hand.

Update: The Eye has been recovered by CrIsis! It is now in the hands of Grignak.

Update(8th of Thoth 114): The Eye is now with Ursus, so that Grignak can take the Kidney of Osiris.

Thanks to Prayer, Grignak has discovered the following abilities of the eye:

Name Uses Notes
Track Humanoids 98%
Track Animals 98%
Locate Hidden Passageways 98%
ID Fruits and Plants 98%
Wrath of Osiris 4/day 10D6. More to evil. 75′