Ring of Ice and Fury

Ring of Ice and Fury

The Ring of Ice and Fury is a Greater Rune Item. All the common abilities of a greater rune weapon apply:

  1. Independent personality with an I.Q. of 15. Unprincipled alignment.
  2. Communicates through limited telepathy.
  3. Indestructible.
  4. Made of a swirling mixture of blue grey and dark red metal which is lined all around with runes.
  5. Its wearer can punch with it to do 4D6 damage in addition to P.S. damage.
  6. Once linked with its owner they both can sense each others presence within a four mile radius if separated. Even if physically removed from its owner or given up by its owner, the rune ring remains bonded to him and only he can access and use its powers. The only ways to break the bond are to either kill the current owner or have the owner willingly (under no duress) remove it, and give it to someone of her choosing. However, in the case of murder, the ring remains dormant for 1D4+2 months and in the latter case, 1D4+2 weeks.
  7. Adds +1 to all saving throws.
  8. The ring can be used by any good or selfish alignment to its full potential. Evil characters can also use the rune ring, but can NOT access “The Fury” and the available P.P.E. for spells is only 31 points.


The Ice: The wearer is impervious to cold and can cast the following six spells provided the rune ring has enough P.P.E. to weave them: Orb of Cold (6), Frostblade (10), Ice Shield (6), Ice (8), Shards of Ice (15), and Skate Ice (5). The ring has 100 P.P.E. that recovers at a rate of 10 points per every three hours. The P.P.E. of the ring can NOT be drawn upon by the wearer or any outside force, only the ring can use it. The spell strength of the ring is 15th level!

The Fury: Once a day (per 24 hours), the wearer can activate THE FURY; once in defense, and once in offense.

    In defense, the character’s speed is doubled and the wearer can parry or dodge every single attack leveled at her for one full melee round (15 seconds) without using up any of her own attacks that round. She can NOT be surprised or ambushed and can avoid sword thrusts, dodge energy blasts, bat away thrown spears and catch arrows with her hand or teeth! Any magic directed at her during this melee round is avoided, saved against or otherwise ineffective! The character’s own melee attacks/actions are made as normal.

    In offense, for one melee round (15 seconds) the wearer of the ring gets two extra attacks/actions, is +6 on initiative, +3 to strike, +3 to disarm and +6 to damage!

Note: The fury of defense and offense must be used separately; they can not be combined simultaneously.

Magic Power Level PPE Cost Range Duration Save Description
Orb of Cold 3 6 200′ 1 melee Dodge Softball size Ice ball Strike w/hth bonus +1 3D6 dam plus save magic or numb (-2 init, -1 strike/parry/dodge, spd -10% NH 82
Ice 4 8 50ft/ level 5 min/ level N/A Choose one of the following:
1) Wall. 15 S.D.C. and 10’×10’×1′ per level. Cannot be created in the air to fall.
2) Coating of Ice. 6′ radius/ level is coated in ice. People coated lose initiative and -1 to all combat actions. 1D6 frostbite damage if not properly clothed. Movement is reduced by 75% and if moving faster than a Spd of 4 there is 01-75% chance of falling.
3) Freeze Water. Freeze 2 gal/ level, can affect all water in a 6′ radius (seen or unseen).
Shards of Ice 4 15 30’/lev Instant Dodge/Parry Razor Sharp Shards +5 strike Dodge/Parry if victim knows attack (must be minimum of 17) 1D4x10 Damage
Skate Ice 3 8 Self or 2 others by touch 10 minutes/lev Mone Skate speed 50% Skate over ice with less than 2″ of snow
Ice Shield 3 10 Hand Special None AR 15 SDC 80 Gives the character the WP auto at his level
Frostdagger 3 12 Hand 2 melee/lev None Changes an ordinary dagger to a dagger of frost, doing 3D6 damage regularyl, double to beings vulnerable to cold.

The Ring of Ice and Fury is said to have been made in the latter days of the Elf-Dwarf War. The son of a Dwarven Rune Master was an officer in the Dwarven army charged to raid the Gnome city of the Exodus Republic in the Northern Hinterlands to acquire their secrets of magic. The Elder Dwarf made the ring as a gift to keep his first born son alive and safe in the hostile wilderness. Sadly, his boy never returned home. One of the many casualties in the running duel between the Dwarf and rival Elf armies that battled at the Exodus Republic and fought all the way home. His son went missing during the battle for the city, and was presumed dead.