Name: Rizoel Tamarand (actually Amberhall)
Race: Human
Land of Origin: Western Empire
Citizenship: Exiled Western Empire

Rizoel was born Rizoel Calvin Amberhall, of House Amber hall in the Western Empire, unfortunately his father got implicated in a treasonous plot when Rizoel was 14, and the plot was against the Emperor so his father was given 2 choices, be hung or be exiled. Rizoel’s father, Cazoel gathered his family and fled to the eastern territories. Rizoel was the 3rd son, but the trip to the eastern territories for a disgraced and exiled family was fraught with danger as the family’s enemies took this opportunity to try to finish them once and for all, and it almost worked. Only Rizoel and his father made it there after the ship that they were on was sunk in a surprise storm. Cazoel knew this was the work of the families enemies and swore revenge, to this end Cazoel had Rizoel apprenticed to an Assassins guild for 8 years, and for the next 2 years Cazoel used what was left of his fortune to get Rizoel into the Western Empire and killing those responsible. Tragedy struck again after the 2 year campaign and Cazoel was found and executed in the Eastern Territories at the behest of the family’s enemies, and Rizoel headed back immediately and killed everyone involved, but was badly injured himself. He came to in the back of a wagon, being tended by his future wife. After getting well again he found he was in a Troupe of entertainers, and his Assassins training really helped him as his natural skill and flexibility training he got made him a natural, and he picked up some tumbling and juggling skills, but what got him really settled in was his knife skills. One day as they were travelling some of the kids went to get water and cried out, and Rizoel was the first on the scene, and a small pack of wolves was about to attack them. Without thinking he ran at the wolves, throwing his knives as he ran, every throw hit a wolf and he had over 16 knives. By the time he got to the children 4 of the six wolves were dead and the other 2 had been driven off. 3 months later he married Trelaine. 3 children Trelaine did have, 2 died in childbirth and one died of a disease, but fortune smiled on him and shortly after the third child died in childbirth the Troupe came across a group of travellers whose wagons had been burnt, and everyone killed, except an elven babe. This baby was adopted by Trelaine and Rizoel and grew up as part of the Troupe, and over Rizoel transferred his skills, especially after the Troupe master passed away and Rizoel was voted in to be the leader because of the business skills he had been trained in when he was young as a noble. The next 20 or so years were idyllic for Rizoel as he had his wife, his son and a non-violent way to show off his skills, and the Blackpoole Troupe gained popularity, especially considering they went pretty much everywhere in the eastern territories. They went to Kaash once and once only, and they don’t talk about what happened there but they vowed to never return.
Rizoel is Swarthy from being in the sun all day, but is still strong and wiry, but age has crept up on him and he is neither as strong, nor as fast as he once was, and once that started being noticeable he got his adopted child to take his place. Trelaine, his wife was murdered by a cultist of Apepi 5 years ago and this affected him pretty badly, but he got revenge as a party from the church of light managed to capture the cultist and bring him to justice. From that point on Rizoel made a point of donating a little too each church of light in any town they went to. The Troupe slowly changed their ways, any incidental redistribution of wealth seemed to only hit the rich and evil (you know most nobles), and in one surprising incident a magical horn of plenty, that rumour said was owned by the Fists of Wrath, a nasty mercenary group from Llorn, was found a couple of years later in a village that had been suffering from drought, and the Horn had changed the area to be fertile and healthy once again. The Horn was recovered by the mercenary company, but 2 weeks later the company disbanded as the Leader of the group jumped off a cliff after disembowelling himself, and the second in command choked to death on a banana, and 3/4ths of the company almost died from food poisoning.

Picture from Jaceknawrot.