Iron Fist Earth Warlock, Follower of Apis

Roggan is a male Troglodyte. He is 5’ tall, and around 140 lbs. Troglodytes are naturally ‘Fluffy’, but since he’s light, he has very little fat on his arms or legs. Troglodytes are humanoid, with webbed hands that are reminiscent of frogs, and lizard-like feet and head. They have very large, dark eyes. Roggan’s are deep brown, almost black. Skin tone is grey, and Roggan is very pale. They have fangs protruding from their lips. Roggan has been exiled for most of his life, so he doesn’t have the same afinity for pure stone weapons, he also feels that working stone with chisels and picks is mean. He uses a dwarven halberd, expertly made, and a war maul with a polished wooden handle that has Apis’ symbol etched and painted on it. He always has his Sun Sight Amulet on, as his sight in daylight is atrocious, and he always has his hood up, to protect his eyes, except in shadow. He has a pet rock, made of Schist, called Bluto; He never goes anywhere without him. He has a silver ring with Apis’ symbol on his index finger. He’s always picking up special rocks, and putting them into his small leather pouches, as he’s always happy to take new ‘rock friends’ with him.

While in the city of Rivendyne, Roggan created a Stone Golem named Gina

Later on, the below happens:

On a plaque, magically sealed into the bow of the ship known across Palladium as Matilda, it says,
‘Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.’

Roggan was an Iron Golem, all gleaming surfaces with a twinkle in his onyx eyes, a functioning mouth, and an extra pair of smaller arms at his sides for delicate tasks. He was 20 feet tall, and weighed 3,400 pounds. His form was reminiscent of a human, but almost deformed by muscular formations in his torso. As a golem, he wore no clothes, but luckily Roggan does not have a perfect working anatomic knowledge of humans, so there was no problem. He had a white cape, though it was big enough to be used as a tent by most races. Roggan crafted this Iron Golem body himself, and with the help of Master Kel-ed in Wisdom, he transferred his essence into it.

While in the city of Rivendyne, Roggan created a Stone Golem named Gina that died while CrIsis visited Wisdom.

Roggan portrait by Gaitkeeper. Full size picture can be found here.

Name Trogdorf aka Roggan (RowgAHN)
Rank 9th Level
OCC Earth Warlock
Race Iron Golem
Land of Origin: Eastern Territory
Citizenship: None

HT 20’ IQ 6 Save vs Magic +4 Strike +2
WT 3440 lbs ME 10 Save vs Psionics Parry +3
PPE 149/149 MA 15 Save vs coma +10% Dodge +3
HP 38 PS 30 Save vs poison/disease +5 Roll +2
SDC 400 PP 16 Save vs horror + 3 Pull +2
Level 9 PE 25 Save vs Possession +1 Initiative +2
Exp. 77,800 PB 3 Damage +15
Sex Male SPD 8 Disarm
Birthday 12/21/45 (Age 65) HF 15 Critical 19,20
HTH: Basic AR 17 Attacks 5
Alignment Principled Perception 0

Western Empire 00 <> Island of Bizantium 20 <> Eastern Territory 309
Timiro Kingdom 00 <> Wolfen Empire 00 <> KaroNote for 174

Special Notes on Golem Body
Due to his special creation, Roggan the Golem has the following-
Kept most of his natural skills & abilities
Has supernatural PS/PE and enhanced HF
Only magic weapons, supernatural PS, and Magic/Psionics do full damage
Normal weapons & PS do 1/2 damage
No regeneration- only Earth Warlocks can heal Roggan (or heals self)
Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Thrown Damage Bonus
Pole Arm 1 +4 +4 +2 +4
Blunt 1 +4 +4 +1
Weapons: Damage Notes
Halberd 3D6 +4 parry
Maul 2D4
Staff of Stonelight Unknown
Fiero Unknown Returns
Kick/Throw Attacks: Damage Notes
Karate 2D4
Body Throw/Flip 1D6
Natural Abilities: Notes
Nightvision 600’
Restrained Punch 2D6
Full Punch 4D6
Power Punch 1D4x10 – TAKES 2 ATTACKS
Magic: Spell Strength 14
Power PPE Cost Level Range Duration Save Description
Chameleon 5 1 Self or touch 6 min/lev None 90% Undetectable if unmoving, 70% 2’/melee spd, 20% 6’/melee
Dust Storm 5 1 120’+ 20’/lev 1 min/lev None 20’ diameter storm All vision 10’, lose init, spd 1/2, difficult to speak
Fools Gold 5 1 5’ 20 min/lev Std Make any object appear gold. Only recog weapons, metal, gemology see if save, and at -10%
Hopping Stones 6 2 100’ 1 min/lev None Up to 6’, 50 lbs. Pebbles 2D4, small rocks 1D4 each, Shoe size 1D6, soccer ball size 3D6
Track 6 2 Self or touch 10 min/lev None Animals 77% Humanoids 80%
Dowsing 2 1 100’/lev 10 min/lev None 90%
Rot Wood 4 1 20’ Instant None Reduce AR/SDC by 1/2 30 lbs/lev 4D6 SDC to trees, etc or 3D6 to plant elementals/entities made of wood
Hands of Stone 8 3 Self or 1/touch 2 melee/lev Std See Notes
Wall of Stone 15 3 60’ 4 min/lev None 8′×8′×4′/lev 100 SDC/lev Dropping wall on top of someone 1D6x10 dam need PS 60 to lift to crawl out
Animate Object 12 4 40’+ 10’/lev 4 min/lev None Any wood, clay, stone object < 50 lbs. See notes
Quicksand 15 4 5’ radius/lev 100’ away 10 min/lev None See notes
Sand Storm 15 4 20’ diameter 120’+20’/lev 1 min/lev None Vision 5’ Lose init, 2 attacks, -5 strike,parry,dodge Spd -75% Hearing 1/2 Talking only covered mouth 1D4 dam/melee
Create Dirt/Clay 6 2 10’/lev away Instant/Permanent None Create dirt or clay out of thin air. Conjure up to 50 lbs/lev
Chasm 25 5 100’+ 10’/lev 10 min/lev None 40’ long 20’ wide 20’ deep/level 2D6 dam/20’depth
Little Mud Mound 25 5 5’ 30 min/lev None See Notes
Armor of Stone 24 5 Self or 1/touch 1 min/lev Std 20 SDC/lev AR 17 Regens 2D6 SDC/melee 400 lbs 1/2 Damage from std heat, cold, fire
Mend Wood 10 2 10’ Instant None 30 lbs/lev 5 SDC/lev
Mend Metal 30 6 Instant Permanent None 4D6+ 10 SDC to iron, steel, etc. 60 lbs/lev No magic items Heal 3D6 to iron golem
River of Lava 50 7 120’ 1 min/lev None River 30’ long, 5’ wide, & 5’ deep/lev 2D6x10 dam/melee 1 melee/5’ travel to get out
Travel Through Earth 20 5 Self 2 min/lev None Natural earth substances (not solid stone) 60’/melee
Silverize 20 5 100’ 5 min/lev None Makes any weapon coated with silver, even a club
Petrification 40 7 40+5’/lev Instant Standard Permanent unless Stone to Flesh used
Create Golem 80 8 6 hr ritual None See notes
Transfer Intellect/Essence 50 8 Instant Permanent None Transfers warlock’s essence into any object of stone, clay, vegetation, golem, etc
Mend Stone 15 4 Instant Permanent None 70 lbs/stone/clay/level Restore 4D6 to stone/earth golems
Earthquake 60 8 120+20’/lev 1 rd/lev Dodge See notes
Clay or Stone to Iron
Stone Power Magic: Spell Strength 14
Stone Power PPE Cost Range Duration Save Description
Emerald Invisibility:Superior 20 Touch One min/lev None Only see invisible Prowl 84%
Diamond Fly as the Eagle 8 Self or 1/Touch 20min/lvl Standard Same as Wizard. EFFECTIVENESS: on Iron Golem Roggan, only fly 100ft high, at 20mph(32 spd) and no other added bonuses. SPECIAL USE: Unlimited charges while within 100 of Nicole, or Magical Matilda
Stones Emerald Lg Charges (6) Diamond LG Charges (6)
Amulet of Sun Sight 300’ Daylight- does not negatively affect nighvision Snow/water/reflective surfaces 200’ 8 hrs/day
OCC Skills Base % OCC B+ Start Current Total %
Language:Dwarven 98 1 9 98%
Language:Elven 40+5 10 1 9 90%
Language:Wolfen 40+5 10 1 9 90%
Literacy:Elven 30+5 10 1 9 80%
Lore:Demon & Monster 25+5 10 1 9 75%
Lore:Faerie 25+5 5 1 9 70%
Land Navigation 30+4 10 1 9 72%
Wilderness Survival 30+5 10 1 9 80%
WP Pole Arm 1 9
WP Blunt 1 9
OCC Related Skills Base % B+ Start Current Total %
ID Plants/Fruits 25+5 17 1 9 82%
Track/Trap Animals 20/30+5 5 1 9 65/75%
Gemology 25+5 10 1 9 75%
Lore:Magic 25+5 10 1 9 75%
Recog Wards, Runes, Circles 15+5 10 1 9 65%
Recog Enchantment 10+5 10 1 9 60%
Sewing 25+5 10 1 9 75%
Rope Works 30+5 5 1 9 75%
Fishing 30+5 10 1 9 80%
Dance 30+5 10 1 9 80%
Seamanship (blessed) 22+4 1 9 54%
Swimming (blessed) 40+5 1 9 80%
Sculpt/Whittle 30+5 10 3 9 70%
Leather Working 30+5 10 6 9 55%
Jewelry Making 40+5 10 9 9 50%
Natural/Warlock Skills Base % OCC B+ Start Current Total %
Underground Tunneling 30+5 1 9 70%
Underground Architecture 20+5 1 9 60%
Underground/Above Sense Direction 15+5 1 9 55%
Language:Elemental 92% 1 9 92%
Sense Elementals 25+5 1 9 65%
Recog Minerals 62+2 1 9 78%
Underground Sense Direction 80+2 1 9 96%
Summon Lesser Elemental 5+5 1 9 45%
Secondary Skills Base % Start Current Total %
Horsemanship:Exotic 30/20+5 1 9 70/60%
Holistic Medicine 42/32+5 1 9 82/72%
Animal Husbandry 25+5 1 9 75%
Prowl 25+5 2 9 60%
Climbing 40/35+5 2 9 75/70%
Preserve Food 30+5 5 9 50%
Juggling 35+5 5 9 55%
Mime 30+5 7 9 40%
Sign Language 25+5 7 9 35%

Name Count Location Description
Backpack 1 Worn Canvas bag strapped to the back
Dark Brown Robe 2 1 Worn, 1 in Backpack Simple cloth robe, died a dark, rustic brown.
Assorted Seasonal Clothing 2 Backpack One summer set, one winter set. Made of cloth
Bed Roll 1 Back Pack (Tied to top) Simple bed roll including mat, blanket, and tough pillow
Small Mirror 1 Backpack Handheld mirror made of glass, metal, and carved wood
Gems 6,933 Backpack
Emeralds 1075 Backpack
Magic Pigeon Scrolls 8 Backpack Scrolls Given by Bennu
Scroll: Heart of Defense 1 Backpack A basketball sized platinum heart hangs above head. + 10 save HF, + 5 all other saves, and can cast any of these spells total (aggregate) of 6 times- Sense evil, sense magic, turn dead (2D4x10), remove curse (touch), resurrection (+ 30%), healing touch (additional 4D6). Lasts 1 hr/lev or until all spells used, whichever is first.
Large Sack 1 Worn Canvas bag with a leather strap worn across the shoulder.
Flint & Tinder box 1 Large Sack Small wooden box with flint and room for tinder to start fires, used for camping.
Water Skin 1 Large Sack Water skin made of animal hide
Candle 6 Large Sack Made from a cloth string and rendered beeswax
Charcoal Stick 4 Large Sack Thin sticks of charcoal used for writing/drawing
Torch 2 Large Sack Torch illuminates
WIZARD JARS 2 Large Sack 2 LB Crystal Powder, Worth 1 G, and 16 G respectively.
Small Sack 4 Worn Small sacks made of leather, tied onto the belt
Rescued friends 14 Small Sack Assorted stones, pebbles, rocks; polished and rough. Seemingly no intrinsic value.
Emerald 1 Small Sack Pristine (Until used), over 1Karat. Roggan uses it in Stone Magic.
Diamond 1 Small Sack Pristine (Until used), over 1Karat. Roggan uses it in Stone Magic.
Wooden Symbol of Apis 1 Small Sack See Name.
Earth Elemental Items 2 Small Sack See Name.
Ring of Apis 1 Left Index Finger Intricately worked copper ring with the symbol of Apis etched on the wide face.
Amulet of Sun Sight 1 Neck Shaped like the Eye of thoth. It and the chain are made of silver
Eternal Torch Ring 1 Toughened Skin (AR 14)
Magical Wooden Goblet 1 The name “Gary” is carved into the Goblet, if water is poured into it, it grants Save VS Poison/Disease +3 bonus, and speak any earthen race language, 1D10 Minutes. One or the other, once per day.
Keg of Sand 1 On the River Boat 1 Cubic Foot of Sand with a pinkish hue. The small keg container is about 15 inches across and high, sealed with metal rings, and a wooden lid held in place with a wooden peg. All told weighs 93 lbs.

SPECIAL NOTES! Description
Elanu Recognition Has a 50/50 chance at recognizing Him



Roggan old. Roggan not really old, just old. Roggan remembers Trog home. Beautiful, happy place. Roggan had many friends there. Rocks, Gems, Trogs. Roggan happy there. But Trogs hate Roggan. Them not talk to rock friends. Them mean to rock friends. Them use hammers and picks, hurt rocks. Them sell Gems to Pink-faces. Roggan run away. Trogs try to hurt Roggan, for talk to rock friends. Roggan run to Pink-face – Dwahrff? – home. Nohrfowlm. Pink-faces not like Roggan. Rogan talk to Gem friends.

One dwahrff like Roggan. Roggan help dwahrff friend, help gem friends. Dwahrff name Murodin. Roggan travel with Murodin, find new gem friends Roggan not see before. Murodin give Roggan neckie. Neckie look like eye. Neckie help Roggan see in day. Murodin nice, Murodin also give Roggan Bluto. Bluto Roggan best friend. Roggan take Bluto everywhere. Roggan meet missionaries for Horus with Murodin. Roggan think Horus not nice, not like Apis. Apis nice. Murodin like Apis, too. Murodin give Roggan ring with Apis face. Roggan love Apis. Apis funny cow-lady. Roggan never see cow-people. Murodin die, Roggan leave Nohrfowlm. Roggan sad Murodin gone. Murodin give silly horse to Roggan.

Roggan horse name Murodin. Roggan go to Wrijin. Roggan live with Wakiw. Wakiw nice. Wakiw puppy-lady. Puppy-men funny the Woafin. Wakiw teach Roggan magic. Wakiw talk to Bluto. Bluto happy, Bluto like Wakiw. Wakiw not travel, stay in Wrijin. Roggan like Wrijin.

Roggan meet Apis!! Roggan never more happy in Roggan life! Apis send Roggan to new friends.


Troglodytes exile, but do not hunt down, any magic-wielding Trog. They don’t have as much fear of other magic-wielding races, since they rarely have contact with them.

Murodin took Roggan in after his exile. Roggan received Bluto from Murodin, which then became his best, and oldest, friend. Murodin converts Roggan to Apis, and despite his time with his next mentor, he never lets go of those teachings. After Murodin passed, Roggan received the Obaru, (not a horse) which Murodin had trained him how to ride during their travels. Roggan named his new steed ‘Murodin’ in memorium of his guardian

They passed by Wrijin a lot while Murodin was alive, on expeditions to the northern mines, where he met a Wolven Warlock, Wakiw. Wakiw taught Roggan how to harness his natural magic abilities, and lived with Roggan for a majority of his life. They grew close, and will attest to anyone that asks they are siblings.

Roggan’s original body was a tall male Troglodyte, a picture can be found here, and he lived in it for over 60 years. He uses a magic Stone Staff, a dwarven halberd, expertly made, and a war maul with a polished wooden handle that has Apis’ symbol etched and painted on it. He has a pet rock, made of Schist, called Bluto; He never goes anywhere without him. He has a silver ring with Apis’ symbol on a neclace around his neck, and the Ring of CrIsis on his right ring finger. He’s always picking up special rocks, and putting them into his small leather pouches, as he’s always happy to take new ‘rock friends’ with him.