Rolling Hills


A female Kankoran who Silent Dream met in Renvin. She is a Psychic Healer who has settled in Renvin and is a member of the Healing Class. She is very attractive, with a high Mental Endurance, Mental Affinity, and Physical Beauty. When Silent Dream met her she was frustrated to have reached the limits of what she could achieve as a Psi-Healer alone. She knew he had explored psionics to break his own limits and hoped he could help teach her how to expand her own knowledge and push past her limits.

From there she and Silent Dream hit it off and started a relationship during his short stay in Renvin. He showed her and a group of other psychic healers ways to meditate which should set them upon the psychic path of Refinement. He also shared with them ways in which the Tri-Arcanum guild could also help them break through these limits through the psychic path of Convergence.

Little is known of her past. She came to Renvin during the War and stayed through the upheaval which Lictalon‘s return caused. She is close friends with Moli Kineo.

Regarding the name Rolling Hills, which she chose for herself:

    “The Kankoran do not ask each other about the names they choose upon surviving their right of passage. It is considered rude to ask what about their trial provoked or inspired the name they took. That name is deeply personal – it represents a moment (or moments) of the trial which had a special deep significance or meaning the exclusively applies to only that Kankoran. It becomes the roots of their new identity in Kankoran life as well as a constant reminder of the trial itself and what they overcame in order to survive. That doesn’t mean they never share that information. But when a Kankoran provides that information to another being it is a sign of great trust and respect.”

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