Rune Ring of Ithan



A “RARE” Rune Ring

This is one of the Rune Rings of the Dwarf Lords and signifies the wearer has having a legitimate claim to throne of the Dwarven Empire. Much like the runesword Tycho, this ring keeps a portion of the soul of every bearer so that the knowledge of the ages is not lost. This ring was made for one of the first Dwarf Lords, Ithan, before he received his famous runic armor. Each king of the Dwarves that achieved a period of peace during the Elf-Dwarf War also bore this ring.

NOTE: Currently worn upon the right hand of Torrun



✠ I.Q.: 24 – Can speak telepathically with its wielder or potential wielders.
✠ ALIGNMENT: Varies on personality though all of them are either Principled, Scrupulous, or Unprincipled; wearable by those alignments.
✠ APPEARANCE: A golden ring with runes inscribed upon the faceted face.
✠ SAVING THROWS MOD.: + 1 bonus This applies to ALL saving throws when in physical contact with the wielder.
✠ DAMAGE: Strikes do no less than 4D6 + P.S. (if applicable); Only applies to strikes (any form with or without a weapon) of the hand wearing the ring (currently right hand).



✠ Boosted Attributes: +2 to M.E., +6 to M.A., and +10 to SPD.
✠ Universal Communication: Speak and understand all languages at 88%.
✠ Magic Spells: P.P.E. Pool Total: 80 P.P.E. / Recovers 10 per hour. Casts Magic as a 12th level Wizard
Fleet Feet (20)
Swim as Fish (Sup.) (12)
Magic Pigeon (20)
Eyes of Thoth (8)
Invisibility: Simple (6)
Breathe without Air (5)
See the Invisible (4)
Sense magic (4)



✠ The Path Is As Important As The Destination: In the bearer’s dreams the souls within the ring will try to help guide them to glory through only good means. Rising tide raises all ships philosophy. If the bearer ever stops trying to better themselves by bettering the world they live in the ring will begin to un-bond itself.