Scepter of Ra


Gavin’s mysterious scepter, he acquired it in Llorn, given to him by the head priest of Ra, a human named Radtin Crat. Father Radtin maintained that it, and a large sum of money, came from the Gods.

While in Wisdom Gavin casually shows the scepter to the master wizard Kel-ed, who gasps and drags Gavin to another building, urging Gavin to put away the glowing scepter. When they reach a room, down many stairs, Kel-ed says, “Read as much as you can,” and Gavin is left alone in a library room.

Upon the shelves are row upon row of books about the Defilers, as well as parchments and even a few maps. Gavin, using his speed reading and recall, comes across the following information:

The scepter was a gift to the Priestess Perfone of the Defilers by Isis herself. Before that it is mentioned briefly in the Tristine Chronicles, in reference to a battle in the War of Chaos.

“Lo’ and they led a fateful charge, led by a Ramen, who clutched the Scepter of Ra aloft, and the bovine servants of darkness quailed…”

Gavin, in all his research in the Defiler room in Wisdom, discovered only three powers that he could confirm. One was the ability to cast words of truth 3 times per day. A second was that the scepter glows if it is within 100’ of a changeling. Lastly, it heals as a 10th level priest, 3 times per day. There were rumors of it helping to destroy demons, deevils, and minions of Taut- but nothing that made sense, or could be confirmed.

Scepter by Red Chan.