Seki A’nen

“Destruction’s Reconstruction”

This rune dagger comes into Luther Berthold’s possession in the chronicle chapter called “Destiny Awaits Part-2” when it calls out to him.


✠ Alignment: Scrupulous Only good alignments may wield it. All others take damage as though struck up to four times in a minute.
✠ Color: Red There are golden runes upon the blade and semi-precious stone and gold handle. A large Red stone adorns the golden base of the pommel.
✠ Damage: 1D4 X 10 No additional modifiers for damage have been noted.
See Known Powers below.


✠ Heal Wounds: 2D6 HP/SDC 6 times/day.
✠ Remove Curse: 56% Chance of success 1/day.
✠ Turn the Dead: 4D6 Dead for 4 hrs duration;
55% Chance of success; 4/day.
✠ Animate/Control Dead: 2D6 Dead for a 4 hr duration
64% Chance of success; 2/day.
✠ Improved Resistances: +1 to all saving throws when in physical contact.

Pictures by our own AZ Rune.