This is a recently formed new tribe of Minotaurs found in the Rocky Desert. They have made their residence within Fort Etrinan, an ancient Dwarven & Minotaur fortress from just before the eve of the Elf/Dwarf War.

The population and demographics of the Tribe are:

  • 2,906 Shandar Minotaurs, 25 are new births among the tribe.
  • An average alignment of Principled (35%) and Scrupulous (65%). They’re all eager to rejoin the world, and are much better prepared to meet their destiny. For more information about this recent tribe’s formation please see the campaign log “Pleasant News From Baalgor”.

The members of the Shandar are idealistic and highly motivated. All will try to live their lives as nurturers, healers and noble knights whose glory and triumphs will set the standard for heroes and forever erase the folly of their ancient forefathers. They are champions who dream of a day when all people will look at a Minotaur and think only of heroes and goodness, not evil. That is the dream they live for. The dream they have striven to achieve for some 70,000 or more years. They only thank fate that they have been the ones chosen for the honor of redeeming their people. Such high ideals will carry many far, leading some to greatness, others to failure, and a few to doom. Who these brave, bold heroes first meet will help to shape their character and destiny.

The leadership is now a council made up of Elder Xixin, Elder Rostam, and Elder Laval’liere and others CrIsis has either not met or not been informed of.

Currently there is an imbalance of 63% females to 37% males in the tribe. Male minotaurs are encourage by law to take up to three brides and form plural marriages. The elder council feels this should correct the population within a few decades and help foster a new age of light for their people. Females are allowed to belong to two “Groups” of lifemates, however, most choose to stick with a single grouping to make tracking the child parent relationship easier. Should someone in the tribe marry a non-minotaur that individual would become a member of the tribe.

Xerx’ses is a member of this Tribe.



Picture by our own AZ Rune.