Shield Of Light



Light Bark Warship





The Timirian Bark is a medium-sized vessel with two forward masts (Forward Mast & Main Mast), square rigged, and its rear mast (Mizzen Mast) rigged fore (bow) and aft (stern). It is best compared to the Bizantium Frigate in general appearance and quality.

110/110 Forward Mast 750/750 Mid-Ship
130/130 Main Mast 750/750 Rear Section
90/90 Mizzen Mast 180/180 Hull per 10ft (3m) area
40/40 – each (6) Sails 250/250 Keel per 10ft (3m) area
900/900 Front Ship 125/125 Rudder
Class: Timirian Bark
Type: Light Warship (ours is not a merchant ship)
Crew: 40 sailors, 8 craftsman, and additional 40 soldiers/sailors/mariners
Size: 90ft long (27.3m) & 40 ft (12.2m) wide
Excess Cargo Capacity: Fitted as a Light Warship provides 20 tons.
Features of Note: One Catapult: Rear Mounted Starboard-Side. 1d6*10 SDC. Range 600′
One Ballista: Rear Mounted Port-Side. 1d4*10 SDC. Range 400′
Speed: Sails at 14 MPH or 22.53 KPH or 12.17 Knots
Travel Distance per standard Day: 112 miles or 180.25 Kilometers or 97.32 Nautical miles
Sea Anchor 1


Shield Of Light’s Crew Listing




Inventory on Ship

6 life vests, all human sized (from Rifts Earth)
1 Crank safety Lantern (from Rifts Earth)
1 Rechargeable (solar) flashlight (from Rifts Earth)
100’ of rope
First Aid Kit (from Rifts Earth)
1 Long E-clip (from Rifts Earth)
3 Short E-clips (from Rifts Earth)
3 Depth Charges (from Rifts Earth)
Tackle Box with 20 lures (from Rifts Earth)
2 lifeboat2- holds crew and 1 chest, plus 2 barrels
2 Alarm bells- Crew must ring- one at main mast, one at ship’s wheel
Flag of CrIsis (on Back mast, top)
Flag of Timiro (on Back mast, below CrIsis flag)
4 candles, and 12 torches total
Flute and Lute
8 Helms 5 leather 3 mail 6 spears 3 battle axe 8 halberds 10 long swords 4 short 5 maces 5 Crossbows 1 Long Bow 5 Short Bows(Basic Weapons)
114 arrows.
125 2 foot tall, 1 foot diameter, “target” barrels, stacked neatly and securely into a 5×5×10 foot stack.

Traveling Inventory on Wagon (1 wagon)


Food Inventory:
85 days of Water
85 days of fruit
87 days of meat
86 days of fish
40 days of Ale
45 days of Mead.
40 days of pig

Food, Water, and Alcohol are in sealed, waterproof barrels. There are enough barrels for 90 days of provisions. There is also separate food for the all of the animals, when animals are on board.


Xerx’ses chest was left on the ship. One other chest is warded so that the current group of CrIsis have access individually, but no one else. (As of Majestic 115 the only people are Jershon and CrIsis.) The wards are silent alarm & 9 death wards, all at 8th level. This chest has the current team money. There is 1 chest for the crew funds in the hold. All other CrIsis member’s chests are not warded.

See Books of CrIsis for breakdown of how book money is distributed.

Crew Chest- $311,292 Accessible by Silent Dream, Jershon, Annie, and Honey.  This is the money to pay the crew.

Gold Coast Shield of Light Fund- 225,508 Accessible by Silent Dream, Jershon, Annie, and Honey.  This is the reserve money to fix the ship.

CrIsis Group Chest- 11,500,000 Accessible by Jershon and CrIsis.

Note: Money from book sales must be picked up by CrIsis or Jershon at a Gold Coast Trading Company location. Until that time, GM tracks money separately, without player knowledge.

Stabled On Boat






Model by Artesania Latina, modified by AZ-Rune Art.
Crew art from AZ-Rune Art, commission him at