Talisman of the Lightning Spears

Talisman of the Lightning Spears

This steel arm-cuff is made of bands with three brass lightning bolts woven among the steel bands. It can cast the spell “Handful of Lightning” three times at Level 20 expertise! UPDATE! On the 15th of Gryphon, in the 7th year of CrIsis Azariel further enchants this arm-cuff so that it will recharge. To recharge all three charges requires one full day of non-use and the item must sit in the sun for one full hour.

    Handful of Lightning
    Range: 600 feet (400 feet, + 10 feet per level of experience).
    Damage: 6D6+40 (6D6, +2 points per level of experience).
    Duration: 5 minutes (Until all three bolts are used up or one melee round per level of experience expires, whichever comes first).
    Saving Throw: Dodge with a Natural 18, 19 or 20, or a modified 24 or better.

    The spell creates three magic spears shaped like lightning bolts. One bolt may be fired immediately upon completing the spell (line of sight), or it may be held in reserve with the other two. If held, the bolts appear in the least dexterous hand. The spell caster may then pluck one with his other hand and throw it at any target within his line of sight (must see the target to hit it). The second the lightning bolt leaves his hand, it turns into the real thing, and hurls at its target in a flash; + 3 to strike. Repeat until all three are gone or duration end. Any bolts not used before the spell duration ends vanish. Each bolt does 6D6 damage, +2 per level of experience.

This cold-forged woven steel arm-cuff is made from strands of thin steel bands which Xerx’ses had the metalsmith on No Name‘s farm make for him. Xerx’ses then bent it to shape using his strength to force it into the celtic-knot style woven pattern. He also had three small cut brass lightning bolts he wove into the arm-cuff. This item was a gift for Silent Dream.

Said by Xerx’ses as he presented this to Silent Dream: “This is a Talisman made by me and I have imbued it with three uses of the spell called – Handful of Lightning. Now this will allow you to use them as your bow spear attack and only become the genuine article once fired. Now, if I keep re-enchanting the Talisman to perform this magic spell you will have 1/12th of an hourglass to use them before they vanish. If you have any other Alchemist re-enchant the Talisman that amount of and hourglass will be much smaller. You will also find the damage less if re-enchanted by any Alchemist other than myself, it’s creator. While instructed how to make the weaving on the arm-cuff I did it completely on my own. In honor of what little I have gleaned about your people from you.”