Tanis is the newest and one of the richest cities in the Timiro Kingdom. Generally the city is well organized and well managed by the Warlock’s Guild. Tanis has become the new capital of lumber production. A large number of orcs and ogres are used to work in the saw mills (large hand saws) and as heavy laborers. The orcs are generally subservient and fearful of the warlocks who run Tanis. Unfortunately the ogres are extremely hostile, aggressive and dangerous, requiring most to be chained at the ankles and the most dangerous are manacled at both wrist and ankle. The forest surrounding Tanis was populated by a large community of about 300 druids who did not accept its demise as lumber. A bloody, guerrilla style war lasting 20 years impeded the city’s growth until the druids were at last defeated. However, a small band of approximately 40 druids still plague the city by freeing slaves, causing fires, vandalism, and mischief in general. Gavin’s parents, and Gavin himself, have been part of this resistance.