Teleport Superior


This powerful spell, rumored to have been created by Thoth, creates a mystic duplicate or clone of the spell caster. This “clone” looks exactly like the mage in every way, but possesses only half of his hit points, memory, knowledge, attributes, experience levels, P.P.E., spell strength, spell casting abilities, etc. The original spell caster can implant any idea, goal, emotion, memory, etc., that he desires into the doppleganger’s mind. He can then awaken it, sending it on a mission or work with it side by side. The doppleganger will never question its existence nor the presence of the original. Unlike the true McCoy, the doppleganger(s) cannot increase in experience so all skill levels, magic powers, hit points, etc., are frozen.
The wizard can create only one doppleganger and cannot create another until that doppleganger is slain or magically negated. Note that a power leech circle will also destroy the doppleganger if exposed to the circle for more than five minutes. Dopplegangers can be killed by normal weapons or magic and can be instantly destroyed by a negate magic spell, but are +2 to save vs negation for every year that they have lived.
Yes, a doppleganger can create a doppleganger of itself! Only one new clone can be created and it will have half the abilities of the originating doppleganger (which was half the original creator). After a certain point, usually by the third or fourth clone, the last doppleganger doesn’t know the doppleganger spell and its attributes and powers are so low that it is hardly worth conjuring.

One year per level of the spell caster, plus a 5% chance per each year that the doppleganger exists that it will remain permanently. Can only progress in level if becomes permanent.