Terosh Info

Created the group of protectors named Blessing, an antonym for CrIsis. Hired by Toresh with the sole guarantee of revenge against CrIsis. They wander the lands of the North waiting and watching.

Made up of
Dio Regellant
Vorravica Nerodin

Figbit & Lagram

Name Terosh the Immortal
Rank 15th Level Earth Warlock; 10th Level Fire Warlock; 6th Level Water Warlock; 6th Level Air Warlock
Race Kildred / Homunculus
Land of Origin: Lands of the Damned
Citizenship: Northern Hinterlands Congregation

HT 1’ IQ 16 Save vs Magic +3 Strike +3
WT 30 lbs ME 22 Save vs Psionics +2 Parry +3
PPE 352 MA 22 Save vs coma +10% Dodge +3
HP 144 PS 5 Save vs poison/disease +5 Roll +3
SDC 50 PP 13 Save vs horror/Elemental horror +2/6 Pull +2
Level 37 PE 8 Save vs Possession +9 Initiative +1
** ** PB 10 Save vs Illusion/ Magic Mind Control +5 Damage +0
Sex Male SPD 10 Save vs Psionic Mind Control +8 Disarm
** ** Critical 20
HTH: Basic AR 7 Attacks 8
Alignment Unprincipled Perception 0
Special Notes on Kildred Natural Abilities
Mental Stun: Kildred use this power to attack the balance and motor mechanism of their opponent’s brain. Victims of this assault feel light-headed, dizzy and out of sync. The range for this is 60 feet (18.3 m) plus 10 feet (3 m) per each additional level of experience.Victims of this attack lose one attack or action per melee round, have no initiative, and are -3 to strike, parry and dodge. They are also -6 to roll with punch, fall or impact. Skill performance and speed are reduced by 30%. Victims suffer these effects for 1D4 melee rounds per “mental stun.” Victims may avoid these effects if they make a saving throw of 15 or higher (M.E. bonuses to save vs psionics may be applied) or by having a Mind Block in place. Using this ability counts as two of the Kildred’s melee attacks, and the attack may only be directed at a single character or animal at a time, not an entire crowd.
Followers: Resi and 36 higher acolytes (: 6 goblins; 12 High Orcs; and 18 Orcs.
Power of Command: As often as once every three melee rounds (45 seconds), a Kildred can issue a simple, attention- getting command. This command must be something simple like “stop,” “look,” “listen,” “no,” “duck/look out,” “unhand her,” “give it to me,” “slay them,” and so on. Everybody hearing this command is likely to pause and/or obey, at least for an instant. Those who hear the command must save vs psionic attack/mind control or be forced to obey and lose one melee attack/action in the process.
Followers devoted to the Kildred will get a bonus of+1 on initiative, +1 to strike, parry and dodge, and +1 attack per melee round when carrying out such a special order. For those not accustomed to following the Kildred’s orders, the Power of Command will not work if it instructs its victims to do something utterly contrary to their nature (such as telling a noble knight to slay an innocent maiden or handing over an artifact that will help the cause of evil). Each command counts as a single attack/action.
Voice Amplification: The Kildred’s voice is ordinarily deep and compelling, but when the Kildred likes, it can amplify its voice into a booming roar, as if coming through a powerful loudspeaker. When using this power, the Kildred’s voice can be heard clearly for up to 1,600 feet (488 m) and the desired volume and range can be controlled and done at will with no cost of melee attacks/actions. Voice amplification can be used in concert with other abilities for dramatic effect or to broadcast its Power of Command to encompass as many people as possible.
Kildred are especially vulnerable to rune magic (reasons unknown). Rune weapons inflict double damage to
them, and they are -5 to save vs rune magic or magic that is cast by rune weapons. Kildred are also -2 to save vs wards and magic circles.
No regeneration- only Earth Warlocks can heal Terosh (or heals self)
Vulnerabilities: Kildred are especially vulnerable to rune magic (reasons unknown). Rune weapons inflict double damage to them, and they are -5 to save vs rune magic or magic that is cast by rune weapons. Kildred are also -2 to save vs wards and magic circles.
Psionics: Major Psionic
Hypnotic Suggestion,
Insert Memory
Mental Illusion
one Super Psionic
three Sensitive
three Physical (or Healing)
Magic: Spell Strength 16
Power PPE Cost Level Range Duration Save Description
Chameleon 5
Identify Minerals (3)
Rock to Mud (6)
Rot Wood (4)
Create Dirt or Clay (6)
Dirt to Clay (6)
Dirt to Sand (6)
Grow Plants (8)
Hopping Stones (6)
Wall of Clay (8)
Wither Plants (10)
Animate Plants (10)
Crumble Stone (10)
Dig (8)
Earth Rumble (10)
Encase Object in Stone (10)
Locate Minerals (10)
Wall of Stone (15)
Animate Object (12)
Cocoon of Stone (15)
Mend Stone (15)
Quicksand (15)
Rust (15)
Sand Storm (15)
Wall of Thorns (15)
Chasm (25)
Clay to Lead (20)
Clay to Stone (20)
Close Fissures (30)
Little Mud Mound (35)
Travel Through Earth (20)
Clay or Stone to Iron (40/60)
Mend Metal (30)
Stone to Flesh (30)
Travel Through Stone (35)
Wood to Stone (30)
Metal to Clay (40)
Petrification (40)
Sculpt & Animate Clay (40)
Wall of Iron (45)
Cap Volcano (80)
Create Golem (80)
Earthquake (60)
Transference of Essence (50)
Suspended Animation (80)
Fiery Touch (5)
Globe of Daylight (2)
Nightvision (4)
Stench of Hades (4)
Cloud of Ash (5)
Freeze Water (8)
Spontaneous Combustion (5)
Tongue of Flame (6)
Circle of Cold (10)
Circle of Flame (10)
Fire Ball (10)
Cloud of Steam (10)
Flame Friend (20)
Fuel Flame (10)
Heal Burns (15)
Mini-Fireballs (20)
Blue Flame (30)
Breathe Fire (20)
Eat Fire (20)
Screaming Wall of Flame (30)
Wall of Ice (30)
Dancing Fires (35)
Eternal Flame (70)
Fire Whip (30)
Fire Sponge (50)
River of Lava (50)
Ten Foot Wheel of Fire (40)
Burst into Flame (70)
Drought (80)
Plasma Bolt (60)
Cloud of Slumber (4)
Change Wind Direction (6)
Wind Rush (10)
Mesmerism (7)
Silence (10)
Call Lightning (10)
Invisibility (20)
Breath of Life (50)
Circle of Rain (25)
Detect the Invisible (10)
invisible Wall (30)
Phantom (30)
Whirlwind (30)
Electrical Field (35)
Mist of Death (40)
Snow Storm (50)
Vacuum (40)
Whisper of the Wind (30)
Purple Mist (5)
Water to Wine (5)
Fog of Fear (7)
Liquids to Water (10)
Ride the Waves (10)
Communicate with Sea Creatures (12)
Create Water (10)
Calm Waters (15)
Impervious to Ocean Depths (15)
Hail (20)
Shards of Ice (15)
Swim Like the Dolphin (15)
Water Wisps (30)
Snow Storm (40)
Ten Foot Ball of Ice (30)
Hurricane (50)
Little Ice Monster (40)
Summon Sharks or Whales (50)
OCC Skills Base % OCC B+ Start Current Total %
Language:ALL 98 1 9 98%
Literacy:ALL 98 1 9 98%
OCC Related Skills Base % B+ Start Current Total %
ID Plants/Fruits 25+5 17 1 37 82%
Track/Trap Animals 20/30+5 5 1 37 65/75%
Gemology 25+5 10 1 37 75%
Lore:Magic 25+5 10 1 37 75%
Recog Wards, Runes, Circles 15+5 10 1 9 65%
Recog Enchantment 10+5 10 1 9 60%
Natural/Warlock Skills Base % OCC B+ Start Current Total %
Underground Tunneling 30+5 1 15 98%
Underground Architecture 20+5 1 15 98%
Underground/Above Sense Direction 15+5 1 15 98%
Language:Elemental 92% 1 15 92%
Sense Elementals 25+5 1 15 98%
Recog Minerals 62+2 1 15 98%
Underground Sense Direction 80+2 1 15 98%
Summon Lesser Elemental 5+5 1 15 80%
Secondary Skills Base % Start Current Total %