The Vanishing Phoenixi


Tiny’s Greater Holy Battle Axe

Type: Battle Axe; Greater Holy Weapon
Damage: 1D4x10
Alignment: Aberrant



  1. Independent personality with an average to high I.Q..
  2. Communicates through limited telepathy.
  3. Totally indestructible; the bow and string can flex and bend as expected for such a weapon.
  4. Made of red metal with gold runes.
  5. Links itself to its wielder/owner within six months of constant contact. Thus, both person and weapon can sense each other’s presence within a four mile radius if separated.
  6. Adds +1 to all saving throws.
  7. Can be used only by a person of a particular alignment (aberrant). Characters of a selfish or evil alignment take 2D4 points of damage each time they touch the weapon or 3D6 damage if a creature of magic.
  8. Air Elemental Magic abilities. Possesses all of the following:
  9. Invisible Wall (30 P.P.E., pg 225)
    Invisibility (20 P.P.E., pg 224)
    Protection from Lightning (20 P.P.E., pg 224)
    Darkness (10 P.P.E., pg 223)
    Resist Cold (8 P.P.E., pg 223)
    Create Air (6 P.P.E., pg 222)
    P.P.E.: 70/70. Recovers 10 every 3 hours


Picture by Mod DB