Titus is a Bearmen of the North, he currently resides in Nisi and is a Priest of Khonsu.  He is a former Slave and Arena fighter.  As a very young cub, his mother was killed.  His brother and He were captured and sold into slavery.  They eventually were shipped to Nisi where they were trained as fighters. Mainly because no one thought they could be of much use anywhere else.

After many years as a fighter and seeing his brother killed in the arena, he was finally released as part of the mass emancipation by King Guy. Many of his fellow former slaves fled as quickly as they could. Titus had other plans. His last owner was a true believer in the Church of Light and with the latest influx of Khonsu worship via Ursus and No Name, became a Khonsunite, adorning Titus with the symbols and imagery of Khonsu and Ursus when He fought. He also felt it was his duty to teach Titus about Khonsu and the faith, for he knew Titus was a very intelligent creature or else he would not have survived this long in the Arena fights. He also secretly taught him to read and write. So upon release, he went to the closest temple, inquired about being a Priest, specifically of Khonsu. Most of the Priests were reticent at first, but Bishop Tutu interceded and allowed him to become a priest.

He has been in Nisi ever since and conducts regular worship of Khonsu at Midnight every night, at the Obelisk, by the statue of Ursus. He is currently soliciting funds to build a Temple of Khonsu next to the Arena. He already has his former owner backing him, pledging matching funds for every Knight and Squire he collects.

UPDATE: 25th of Mik Na. Father Titus is asked to reform the Ursunites.

Picture from C. J. Marsh