Trigom the Chaotic

 Trigom the Chaotic

Hardly anything is known about this sword by the members of CrIsis, save that it is a wooden rune sword, which in and of itself is an amazing thing.

Grignak does know that the damage this sword inflicts is truly chaotic.

1.5 mil to be paid on or before 29 Majestic 115.

60,292 sent from Bizantium.
1,439,708 sent from Caer Itom
Total paid: Paid in Full

Owed CrIsis for paying off with group funds:
516,133 given to group in Caer Itom
178,330 given to group in Byzantium
76665 given to group in Caer Itom
428,629 remaining

d6 Roll Result
1 1 Damage, no bonus
2 2d6+level, no bonus
3 3d6(min 8)+level+bonus
4 4d6(min 16)+level+bonus
5 5d6(min 32)+level+bonus
6 64+(1d4*level)+bonus

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