Ursian Ceremonial Dagger




Ceremonial Dagger of Khonsu
Fashioned from one of Ursus’ claws



Left Side of Dagger                                  Right Side of Dagger


After the events perpetrated by Ursus in Nisi, and his trial in Fort Ac, Ursus removed one of his own claws, fashioned it into a beautiful ceremonial dagger of Khonsu and the Light. It was then gifted to Father Titus, the Priest that Ursus persuaded in assisting him in the events. This gift is meant as recompense for getting him involved in the aberrant acts that were performed. This first dagger, due to a blessing from Bishop Tutu, is +2 to strike and parry, and does 1D8+2 damage.


Ursus sliced one of his own claws from his paw. The claw, bone and fur was then meticulously preserved, decorated and fashioned into a ceremonial dagger. The dagger blade is Ursus’ claw, the hilt is fashioned from the bones and fur that were removed with the claw. The fur has a suede like sheen. The blade is adorned with a Khonsu symbol on one side and the Torch symbol on the other. It is intended for all your ceremonies and sacrifices, performed by Father Titus, to Khonsu.  The dagger is 10″ in overall length.  The curved blade is 8″ on the inside curve.  The hilt is 4″ in total length.  It is designed to be held by a Bearman of the North.  All others find it difficult to wield.


Father Titus is quite humbled by the gift and treasures it greatly. He uses it in every ceremony he conducts, but doesn’t flaunt it. When asked, he says it was a gift from a Prophet.

Picture taken from open sources and modified by LURCH6571