Ursus Glacious


A special shape-changing armor made specifically for Ursus, with the symbol to the left emblazoned upon the chest. The properties of this special armor are listed below:

Magical leather armor
AR 16
SDC 200
Will change shape and size to fit Ursus in human and bear form.

Magic abilities:
Once per day Ursus can activate Ice Armor, similar to the (created for this use) Water Warlock Spell. The armor transforms from dark brown to ice blue. While in bear form, his dark brown fur transforms to pure white fur, his claws go from dark black to clear ice blue and his eyes go from black to ice blue. In human form, his hair (all of it) turns pure white, his skin turns ice blue, his lips turn dark ice blue, and his eyes go from black to ice blue. While in both forms ice shards grow out of his spine from the back of his head to his tail bone.

AR 18
SDC +200 all damage comes from ice armor first


When the magical ability is activated Ursus adds 3d6 ice/cold damage to any and all direct physical attacks (i.e. punches, kicks, etc. No hand held weapons, only natural weapons). In addition if anyone touches Ursus via direct physical contact the following damage occurs: if bare flesh 4d6 ice/cold damage, if armored 1d6 ice/cold damage.

While armor is active Ursus is impervious to all ice/cold attacks even those derived from magical means.

Ice Armor activation lasts 1 hour.

Nedmatin MountainHide, Tri-Arcanum Guild Internationalists Armorer, is the Dwarven armorer commissioned to make this suit of armor. Inital cost was Є990,000. Ursus charmed him (14/100 dice roll) down to Є700,000. Ursus paid Є175,000 as a down-payment. It will take approximately 9 months to complete. Started on Grekar 22nd, 114. Expected completion date: Od 22nd, 114. The armor was completed early and delivered to Ursus in Llorn on 1 Thoth.  Paid in full as of 17 Thoth 114.

inspiration for the armor:  Epic-Leather, just no pants, Ursus don’t wear no pants.