5 Stages of Xerx’ses

Xerx’ses, I know you are safe.
Xerx’ses, such a small explosion couldn’t stop you.
Xerx’ses, you are a demigod. Shake it off.

Xerx’ses, what in the hell were you thinking?
Xerx’ses, why did you sacrifice yourself?
Xerx’ses, how could you do this to us?

Bast, first goddess of my heart, if you will but bring Xerx’ses back to us, I will sacrifice myself for him. I am such a small part of this quest, more a clown than an adventurer. Take me and let him live that we might succeed.

Xerx’ses, what will we do without you?
Xerx’ses, I am not capable of filling your shoes.
Xerx’ses, we are not going to win…

Xerx’ses, was more than a minotaur. Xerx’ses, lead us more by his example than ever by his words. He was the first of us to be raised to the demi-godhood, and will not be the last. Already Indaris has joined the gods of light. Soon, Osiris will be Rebuilt and our quest will be completed. Where one falls, another rises. Hail, CrIsis.

The prayers of Grignak to his comrade, Bast, and an impromtu eulogy.


4 Responses to “5 Stages of Xerx’ses

  • Very moving, very touching, just slightly very un-Grignak like though, He is growing as is the rest of CrIsis.


  • Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. Xerx’ses exemplified them all!

  • Heartfelt and moving, well done.

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