A Day In The Life: CrIsis

I thought I got up early enough to take care of the list of things I needed to get done. Much to my dismay, I was wrong. I headed straight to Greminor’s for items that I sorely needed and found the shop closed. I knew right away that a fellow member of CrIsis had beaten me to the punch.

A little annoyed I headed for my next objective, the market for armor and a new shield. There I found myself the immediate center of attention and soon came to a crawl. I stood on a box and told them to get their CrIsis books and I would sign them if they promised to donate to the Church of Light. This gave me some room to breathe and the church donations from the dedicated.

Guards from the King showed up to escort me to my destination. I soon found the man I was looking for, a good friend of CrIsis and Gavin’s new father-in-law. Oric was pleased to see me and I asked if he had seen his new grandchild. I was dismayed and a bit miffed to find he had no news of the child or the wedding. I gave him my order for the armor and shield then personally escorted him to the palace so he could ask after the whereabouts of his daughter and her family. In the town square I waited for the gathering of those who had gone for their books and spent the afternoon and evening signing.

The next day I got up earlier, I had learned my lesson. I went to the Library to see if I could use the finger to scry on maps for the other pieces of Osiris. This proved to not be a viable option. So I spent the next 6 days researching for any sign of where another part may be and “Eureka” I found one. It is deep in the Baalgor Wastelands with an evil tribe of Minotaurs, there is rumored to be a leg bone belonging to a God. They are called the Idrijian. The scroll that told me this was part of a journal of the swordsman scholar Rystrom Khejas.

On Od 1st I joined the festivities and see than Gavin and Morgan are spending time with Oric which makes me smile. I join them for dinner and had a great time. Time is running short for our time in Avramstown and I meet with Greminor. I played a board game of a sort and came very close to winning, beginners’ luck I guess. Greminor is able to fill all my orders and enchant my shield. I hope now to be more prepared for the challenges to come. I enjoy a farewell party for CrIsis at the kings manor and talk with the King and fellow members of CrIsis.

Before we leave I have one more duty to attend to. I go to the Pyramid and meditate at the altar which holds the Tongue of Osiris. As I do Apis appears before me. She tells me I need to pass on one of the two pieces I have on my Person. I tell her of my concerns for Tyvernos and she tells me he has been completely healed of the effects of the headpiece and is again a trusted member of Crisis as far as the gods are concerned. I assure her that I will return the finger to Tyvernos to show my faith in her words and to welcome him back among us.

Posted on the 30th of Od, in the 68th year of the Wolfen Empire.

Picture by Hetman 80.

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