A Humble Request

Time for a new chapter

Sir Quixis Ote,

As I am now homeless and effectively orphaned, I hereby request indoctrination into your order. I now and forever pledge loyalty, fidelity and allegiance to the Knights of Dawn, forever beholding to the ideas and principles that have made it a great order of this realm.

A Palladin should not be without commitment, yes I am fulfilling a duty to Ra, but that is just one mission. A Palladin is more than that. He or She must have a comradeship with others of his or her kind. As my former Principal must stay loyal to his Clan and Country (and most likely has perished defending such), He can no longer acknowledge me as his Adherent; therefore I seek a new Principal. While it would be an honor for you to take on this responsibility, I understand if another is determined to take on a learned Adherent.

Quingia Raulf Bozkutlar, Loyal Servant of Ra

A private request sent to Sir Quixis Ote, in Peningshir, on the 28th of Gryphon, 71st year of the Great Wolfen Empire.

Picture of Quixis from Blizzard


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  • This log made me so happy as GM. Would have loved the storyline, had he not been killed…

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