A Letter To The Library

Jidian’s Account

A letter to the Library of Bletherad from Jidian Kulder, leader of the Legion of Northmoor-

In pursuit of our mission to destroy the legendary Glaive of the Old Ones the solemn ritual was thwarted when Glaivite mutineers attacked our small faction of Legionnaires and kidnapped the noble Sister Gaia.

With time being crucial and the repossession of the Glaive presenting the very real danger of a summoning of The Old Ones by the powerful Glaivite mages, I hurriedly discussed the situation with our wise mage Hobe Bygone and, determining that there was not enough time for us to gather together the Legionnaires that we needed, we prayed to Isis for a solution. The Righteous Goddess guided us through prayer to request the aid of the world famous Divine adventuring group, CrIsis.

Armed with one of Hobe’s _Teleportation_ scrolls, I travelled to their current location and beseeched them to aid the cause of Isis. They were not all present, but those that _were_, pledged their help without a second thought and we arrived at the Tower of Stone with not a moment to spare.

I directed those Legionnaires who were at the Tower to attract the attention of the Glaivites by attacking the perimeter while CrIsis and I stole inside, using the power of their Troglodyte Warlock to turn the wooden doors to dust. As we scrambled up and down the stairs, searching for the Glaive and Sister Gaia, elemental forces, controlled by the warlocks of CrIsis sought out the whereabouts of the Priestess and the Glaive.

There were several distractions, during which we battled many evil minions; and more than once we had to retrace our steps. We made some mistakes – sealing off the exit by poorly calculated placement of magical walls being but one of these. Nonetheless, progress was made and through the pursuit and rectification of error, and by the Divine guidance of Isis, aided by the poorly conversant elementals in bondage to the warlocks, we eventually found our direction and arrived in the dungeons of the tower.

The Deevils had set troll guards on the outer rooms but they had either thoughtlessly set their guard or had severely underestimated the mission to reclaim the Glaive. CrIsis very quickly showed me the speed with which five trolls should be dispatched.

I must here account for the bravery of every member of the CrIsis unit. The Dwarf Overkill intrepidly charged into any danger and would have died but for the power of Osiris. The ranger Cava and the Elven bard Terramore who accompanied us, held the beasts of evil at bay with arrow, sword and axe, and the magical arrows the Gnome Tyvernos conjured provided me with a ranged arsenal I can usually only dream of. Both of their warlocks, Roggan and Tyvernos, are quick to act, and it is through their craftiness that we were able to finally enter the chamber in which the summoning of the Old Ones was to take place. It was at this place that their Changeling Mind Mage, Gavin entered in with us and I must say that it was only through his quick action and powerful psionics that the life of Gaia was spared.

The last chamber was an abhorrent nightmare of Deevil chanting and attempted ritual slaughter, officiated by a Deevil Arch Fiend named Ratel, holding the Glaive of the Old Ones in his hand and poised to sacrifice our good Wolfen priestess. He was darkness incarnate, with glowing eyes and mouth being the only things showing through his hooded cloak.

We battled with everything that we had available to us but they were protected by mighty magic and would not be obliterated. As we struggled against their minions and our mounting wounds, and with the life of Gaia being held in the balance only by the quick thinking of the Mind Mage, we found we still could not penetrate the defences of Ratel, when suddenly, with almost all forces spent, I swear I must have had Divine inspiration from Isis herself, for without knowing what might happen, I took out the Rod of Thoth, Virakheth, and calling on the powers of both Isis and Thoth smote our enemy and brought about the annihilation of his forces. Thus was the great evil vanquished and a new Age of Chaos avoided.

By the grace of CrIsis, the Legionnaires of Northmoor hastily left the scene to continue in our quest to destroy the Glaive of the Old Ones, so I do not know how they left that dark tower or what they did hereafter, but legend of the part that they played is now writ!


Art by AZ-Rune Art, commission him at artist@agodrebuilt.org

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