A Little Too Little, A Little Too Late

Plus Mages Go To War

Dear Xerx’ses, Weaver Member-

While the thought did not go amiss, and the missive you sent was much appreciated, I must send you a return that is not in any way what you would like to hear. The Solarium did in fact send three representatives to visit us at your direction, but they were already gone before the pigeon that you sent arrived. However, before I get into their response I wanted to thank you for sending them my way.

I have long heard rumors of this shadowy group of Kobolds, but I had thought that they were nothing more than rumors. The Staff that you first presented to me was but one more proof that these rumors might actually be fact. When they appeared at my doorstep and demanded their property, why I took the opportunity to host them and to get a little more information about them. I’ve been able to add to the guild’s knowledge, and that was almost more valuable to us than the staff that you gave us.

That being said, in the future, while we do appreciate the thought, and we do appreciate your gifts, make sure the owners will not be coming calling for them. We are not purveyors of stolen merchandise.

So, the Solarium. They are not very happy with you right now. They were, in fact, close to attacking the guild when we told them we only had the staff and not the ring. The staff is important to them, but the ring is even more so. It would seem that you have a priceless artifact of an earlier age in your possession. Were I you, I’d almost consider keeping it, and then truly giving it to the guild for study.

That being said, with how angry they were, if you are in fact given an opportunity later return this ring to it’s rightful owners, I wouldn’t hesitate to do so.

The first rumors about the Solarium I heard are from almost four hundred years ago. The fact that they have operated for so long with nothing more than rumors of their existence coming to light speaks to their competence and capability almost as much as it speaks to their desire for secrecy.

Do not take this group lightly.

On a lighter note, I would love to know when your group will be back in Wisdom, especially the enjoyable Hannah. I believe that she and I have much to discuss for a long period of time- let us hope I am there when she arrives.

Now to the heavier business. I apologize for the lateness of this letter- for all I know you have already been attacked again by the Solarium. Right after your pigeon arrived, King Hafton demanded an audience with the Triumvirate. Master Wesvon, Charolyn, and I arrived quickly- there have been very few summons by the Hafton kings, and for this we show a measure of respect.

The King was hardly himself, but no magic is allowed in the throne room. The 3 of us shared a glance, and settled in to hear what he had to say.

”The Guild is called, upon its Charter, to join in the War against the Dogs. You are to immediately send a platoon of warrior mages to Southwatch where you will be given your orders. One of the 3 of you must go as a General, and you shall have pick from all troops to give you support outside of General Coldwell’s special units. This is an order- I expect the troops there in 3 days- you are magicians, make it happen.”

I slapped a hand over Wesvon’s mouth, barely in front of Charolyn’s hand doing the same. The two of us, hands clamped over Wesvon, thank the King and back out of the throne room.

Needless to say, I am now in charge of a force pushing back the Wolfen up the coastline. General Coldwell is pushing the others inland.

I have Wolfen mages under the guild- Do not preach to me that this is wrong. I am trying to keep the death count low, but we do owe fealty to the Eastern Territory, and I would rather be out here keeping exterminations down than having the King send all his forces, as others have done.

Be very careful if your path leads you back anywhere in the Eastern Territories! Even your old friend, or CrIsis’ old friend, Bishop Rose, has been forced to join in the War- and you know her feelings……

You swearing fealty to the Timiro Kingdom the same week that King Guy announced that they would not join either the Eastern Territories or the Western Empire in their “wars of expansion, subjugation, and enslavement” was not a positive development for you.

Oh, and if you have not heard, here is the gem from King Avramson about all of you-”CrIsis has turned its back from agreements made with the Empire, and has chosen to side with humankind. They are no longer welcomed in Avramstown, and will be immediately turned over to Empire officials in Shadowfall if they are captured here.”

So, just seems you cannot please any side in this war currently! I am sorry for your predicament.

Be safe, and good luck! Trust no one.
Your friend-

Sent on the 11th of Selestra in the 344th year of the Eastern Dominion.

Solarium picture by our own AZ Rune
Possessed King picture from New Line Cinema

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