A Most Momentous Day Indeed

I have decided, through much deliberation, with myself alone unfortunately as I dare not discuss this with my fellows, that the gods are insane.

It is the only rational explanation that I can come to, since their behavior defies being quantified any other way. I know that should this come to light that I shall fall under condemnation from them, even my own goddess, but can I be anything other than myself?

On the one hand, my goddess confirms me as her free agent, but on the other she slams her will against my use of my shamanistic abilities. I am shaman and priest. I am both, not the one without the other.

Is that maybe the point, though? I am being pulled between the two options I have before myself. Between the good and the better. I have, of my will, chosen the slavery of the priesthood. I am nothing but an extension of my goddess’ will, and yet here I attempt to push back and exert my own will in the face of her choices for me.

The choice remains to me: Do I submit myself to her, or do I fight against her and attempt to be my own half-formed shaman-priest.

My mind tells me that I should fight, that it is to each of us to be free, but my heart tells me that freedom is not about having choices, but about making choices.

I take the power away from my goddess by choosing that which she seeks to force me into. If I choose to be a priest first, and I become a priest first, then there is nothing more that she can require of me on this point.

It will bear further contemplation in order to organize my thoughts on this matter.

At the beginning of this day, Osiris’s day, I chose to perform a shamanistic ritual. It would have been so much better were I to have dedicated this to my goddess, and to have invoked a prayer before I began.

Having gathered up magical strength from all the members of CrIsis, I distributed it out back to them, planning on simply giving all of my strength to Xerx’xes. I was shocked to find that the energy at the end was four times what I expected it to be. There has been talk of a nexus line among my compatriots, so I can only assume that it was related to that, but it might also have been caused by the god Osiris on his day.

He visited us.

After a prayer from me, one from Indaris, Xerx’ses and Ursus, we were graced by an almost complete Osiris. He healed us and said to us, ”Blessed be the chosen ones. My body is almost complete. Remember your quest. Visit the Tree of Life after defeating this Evil. And then go to meet your Allies in the North and defeat the other hated Necromancer. May all the blessings of the Pantheon be upon you.”

We were visited by members of Dream’s race and notes were passed to us, along with a suggestion on a course of action. We snuck. We didn’t suck in our snuck…ing. Sneaking, as it were of course.

I cast a spell the moment we made our way through the wall, through the secret passageway. There were some priests of undead rhythms, singing their chants to the destruction of the world. I tried to use my ring, but the magic fled from me. The magic of my invulnerability tried to flee, but after a quick and wordless plea to my goddess I pulled it from the dark grip of those mage priests.

They ignored us.

We made our way, easily melding with the undead wandering from place to place, to the Mayor’s house in order to find and destroy that nasty necromancer needing nullification.

We attempted subterfuge…but I completely garbled my statement in eastern. Judging by the reaction of the Wolfen who we tried to replace as guards I likely stated that his mother was his father, or something equally as insulting to the manhood of the beast in front of us.

He attacked, of course.

Ursus took the head off of one of our opponents, which landed on a now flat roof. This was the first time we noticed that the roof was flat. I took another off at the knees and shoulders before I leapt to climb the outside of the building.

No Name ran inside to find Steve, Dream and Muscles followed him. Indaris and Ursus follow me and Xer’xes entered the first floor just in time to be accosted by the guards from the from.

We of course went in through the rear. Entendre’s intended.

When Indaris and I arrived on the roof, we saw fifty gathered for some sort of ritual. I dropped us through a mystic portal to the floor below the roof, and we rushed down the stairs toward the sound of fighting.

I fell down the last set of stairs and landed at the feet of a strangely feminine looking man.

Urus crashed through the windows on the third floor on our heels after almost dying on the roof. It would seem that fifty is too many even for Ursus.

All through this, the thoughts ran through my mind that I must, without any choice, become more the priest my goddess expects or we will fail in our quest.

Excerpt from the private journals of Grignak.


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9 Responses to “A Most Momentous Day Indeed

  • Who are we, mere mortals, to judge the mental state of a god? Are they insane, or are they unknowable and unfathomable?

  • Of course the Gods are insane- just look at the 2 creators of them- Kevin and Victor- got to be crazy!!
    Looking forward to Grignak’s continued efforts on being priestly.

  • The Gods must be crazy
    it must be true as there is even a movie.

    another good log.

  • If Dream went nuts from connecting to Xerx’ses’ brain, and he’s a Demigod. Then is he half crazy?

    • Who’s crazier? The person with the wild idea, or the person acting upon it?

  • “It would seem that fifty is too many even for Ursus.”

    In an eerie COL Hannibal Smith-like voice: “Ursus has a plan…”

  • I agree: The Gods ARE crazy! Just as Ursus does a lot of “crashing about”.

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