A Mother’s Joy

Lost Boy Found

Son and other Son (Bilby)-

I cannot believe that Bilby is alive! You told me that he died Willy! What else have you lied about? What really matters is that you are both together and alive! I do not know what a roadie, or a concert is, but I am glad that those lessons with the minstrel did you some good Willy!

Bilby, make sure you eat some fruits and vegetables, and not just pork! I am glad that you are making yourself useful on the Ship! Don’t drink too much!

I know now that you are with some supposedly legendary group called Creesis, trying to supposedly build some God. I hope you enjoy your gallivanting, both of you, and get it out of your systems quickly- there is good work to be had here at home, and some sweet girls that might put up with you.

Stay safe, and hurry home!

Your Mother, Rosie Fappin

Sent on the 3rd of Gryphon in the 72nd year of the Wolfen Empire


Picture from Warner Bros


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