A Prayer Of The Broken And Lost

Oh my gods

Oh Gods,

Why was I chosen? I have seen the faces of gods and yet have turned on them, my friends and family to avoid some piece of land for my own petty fears. I still fear what is going to happen and have no faith. This coming from a man who has died several times and seen the faces of gods have gained their promise and yet I am still a coward. I have faced that which I fear most and instead of standing triumphant, have let it get the best of me; I the man who faced those that defaced Thoth and I took them on; the same man that saw the face of dragons and demons and lived. I am not worthy of being Thoth’s scion or ambassador.

Oh Osiris, give me strength. Though there is only a fragment with us I feel you wholly. Oh Thoth, give me knowledge. Show us the direction where we should go and I will go there. Ra, shine upon the weak and feeble. You have been merciful to give fertility to me, show mercy and give us warmth and light in our darkest hours. Bennu give CrIsis a renewed vigor when our strength is gone that we might rise like a phoenix when we are spent. Apis, restore us. Protect us from the very things of nature that seek to destroy us. Bast, please give us joy and pleasure in our darkest time. Horus, show us our horizon and direction. Isis, I save you for last as you are so beloved by many, as the patron goddess of warriors, let ChrIsis be your battalion for Osiris.

Oh Gods of Light imbue me with the courage to do that which is good and right. I weep for my countrymen who are at war with themselves; I weep for those who care for our success and most of all I weep for my beloved and my precious pearl. Let me stand triumphant in the face of adversity and trouble. See my pain and sooth me. Please give me comfort for this journey is tearing me apart and racks my soul and gives me nightmares. Plagues have fought my body and the elements wish to claim me give my bones the strength to finish what thou hast asked me to start.

On the morrow I will take Crisis back through the Wastes, gods or no gods to stand in our way. You have led our footsteps and I will not betray that trust that you have given us. Our friends and family, yea, our countrymen depend on our success. Stand with us.


Written by Overkill on the 2nd of Kym-nark-mar in the 1st year of King Minischmee.

Picture from Reaper Miniatures.

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