A Prayer To Isis

O life-giver, Queen of the gods, renowned Isis,
Deo, highest Discoverer of all life,
Manifold miracles in your care that you might bring
Livelihood to mankind and morality to all;
You taught customs that justice might in some measure prevail;
You gave skills that man’s life might be comfortable,
And You discovered the blossoms that produce edible vegetation.
Because of You heaven and the whole earth have their being;
And the gusts of the winds and the sun with its sweet light.
By Your power the rivers of iife are filled, every one,
At the harvest season and its most turbulent water is poured
On the whole land that produce may be unfailing.
All mortals who live on the boundless earth,
Humans, Elves and Dwarfs,
Express You fair Name, a Name greatly honored among all, but
Each speaks to you in his own language, in his own land.
The Dwarfs call you The Stone Seat, Queen of the Solid Earth
The Elves call you Jewel of the Wind, Queen of the Gods
Those of the north call you Queen of the Thunderbolt, Queen of the Sea.
Those of the south call you She Who Has Given Birth to the Fruits of the Earth, The Lady of abundance
And those of the east call you of the Great Wings and the Scythe of the Moon
Isis of Ten Thousand names, the faithful call You ‘Isis’ (because they know) that You, being
One, are all Other goddesses invoked by the races of men, elf and dwarf.
Mighty One, I shall not cease to sing of Your great Power,
Deathless Saviour, many-named, mightiest Isis,
Saving from war, cities and all their citizens:
Men, their wives, possessions, and children.
As many as are bound fast in prison, in the power of death,
As many as are in pain through long, anguished, sleepless nights,
All who are wanderers in a foreign land,
And as many as sail on the Great Sea in winter
When men may be destroyed and their ships wrecked and sunk…
All are saved if they pray that You be present to help.
Please hear my prayers, O One whose Name is all names;
Be merciful to us and help us through our darkest times.
and be there to enjoy with us our greatest.

Prayer from Indaris during his stay in Jail in Lopan during the Lopanic Games

Isis Lifegiver by Jonathon Earl Bowser
Isis Queen of the Sea by Dian Manik
Isis Queen of the underworld from Legion of Pagans



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