A Prayer

Not so Humble, but Heartfelt

Osiris, god of Law, hear me!

Osiris, life of the world, hear me!

I, thy son here on this plane come before you in supplication for the souls of thy champions.

CrIsis is shattered with the loss of their Rell, poor though he acted in that role. They no longer listen to the will of the gods in their trials. They are embarked on your work in this world, but in doing so they rely upon their own understanding, and not upon the aid we have been promised from all of the Gods of Light.

They disbelieved my place in CrIsis, although I know they have accepted others who displayed the ring. They even stated that the mere powers of a mortal could counter the wills of the gods. It is greatly evident that these beings are in desperate need of guidance that they even now eschew.

Osiris, forgive them their disbelief.

I told them the task that Isis had given me through Drexx Silvercrown ne Silvertongue, and they ignored it. A simple message we were to take to a Priest of Algor, Horoth Wavestrider. They derided the very task we were given, even though we were promised payment to aid in our journey.

I accomplished this task on their behalf, and even now they reap the rewards that they were so much above when it was payment to be the messengers they would never allow themselves to be. The hubris of this CrIsis will be its downfall.

Osiris, humble them without destroying their strength.

During our journey across the waves, they asked me much of my past, and were shocked that any people could be so different than their own. It seems that Overkill could simply not accept that a man who does not marry could actually believe in the gods.

Osiris, forgive him his ignorance.

We passed many dangers while on the waves, some of navigation like the mat of seaweed, and those of magic like a soporific singing.

Of greater danger was the Kappa who bored into the hull of our ship. They put a large hole in the hull, and let the air out so that the water could flow in. I took the opportunity to stoke the fires of my soul, and before I could act Karma and Chip had made short work of the Kappa.

I only hope that these easy encounters do not breed over-confidence in the members of this team. I fear that they will.

Chip, oh Chip. Beware overconfidence. You move with an otherworldly speed, and thing that it makes you greater. I saw the weaknesses in your form, but was too kind to point them out. You berate me, assuming yourself better.

We traded hits, and I know that the hit you made upon me was greatly enhanced by my own misstep.

Only in that can you be considered to be ascendant. This round went to you. I accept that. You do not accept your own weaknesses, and when I ended it, you pushed away my friendship.

Osiris, forgive Chip his blind ego.

We arrived in Bizantium City and were welcomed, or I should say that Robert the Just was welcomed. They whispered about the loss of Gavin, who is now shifted into being Carn, a very thin adult, and they whispered over the loss of Rell.

How could you so easily abandon your task, Rell? How could you leave this group so lacking in binding when you were tasked to be the glue?

The people think him dead, and to a certain degree he is. He has betrayed a trust not only of his gods, but of the people who follow the light.

Osiris, forgive Rell his mistakes and accept him into thy mercy.

The king, on the other hand, is a man of infinite Ego, bad temper, and misunderstanding. He feels himself above the representatives of the gods, and feels himself a god among men. There is an accounting coming to him in the future, and I hope it will not destroy his people even as it destroys him.

He called his guards upon me as he did not accept me as a part of CrIsis. It is likely that I shall always face such prejudice from my companions as well as those with whom we deal.

Horoth joined us at which time I accomplished the delivery of the letters. All seven were delivered at that time as a pointed reminder to CrIsis that they are the servants of all the gods, and the gods’ priests are there to guide us and task us.

Osiris, forgive me my wrath, pride, Ego, and inability to allow a slight to go unpunished.

We have been tasked with the destruction of the Glaive of the Old Ones. You know the path that we must go to accomplish this will be long and arduous.

I am not looking forward to returning to my homeland at the end of this journey.

Osiris, send thy love to CrIsis that they may feel the urgency of our tasks, above and beyond their petty squabbles.

So let it be.

Posted by S’Erith on the 21st of Corg

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  • Is this another CrIsis of Faith?? This seems to be a recurring theme amongst the members of CrIsis…Past, Present & Future…

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