A Star For A Fool

Azariel looks at Xerx’ses and truly feels the pain at losing the flail! He is almost torn between heading back for it and starting a search, or keeping the trail. Azariel knows that he can make a flail that is like Xerx’ses’ old one, even down to the engraved prayers. He just cannot enchant it…. YET.

Azariel suggests that as soon as we get to a town, village, city with a good forge, that he make a flail for Xerx’ses out of bronze, or maybe even iron, gilt in gold – All this with a promise that as soon as he is able, he will enchant it as well!

Xerx’ses turns to face him, ‘Master Azariel, your words and Sir Quixis calling me noble, thank you for your offer. My armor, and all weapons were made by my second father, Rostam Stonemace. When my first father died after helping to expel demons from possessing our tribe and slaying with Rostam, Azad – my mentor, and Mergerij’s fathers my mother took a second mate some years later and it was Rostam. I have palladin second brother or step brother in this tongue (Elven) called Zeelik Stonemace. Since I did not take one of the rune weapons Rostam thought these gifts would make up for it. I don’t remember if I shared that in my fireside chat with you.’

I continued, “If I take another weapon again it must come from some great deed where I don’t die. I may be destined for a rune weapon of my forefathers someday. but without great deeds it is a debt not a gift of earned reward. I would be honored if you make me a weapon but I would have to do a great deed for you to earn such a gift. Then as my elders command go out into this world and make my stand and make the world a better place. As Mergerij always says that with great power comes great responsibility.”

His head droops but to Azariel that may make it easier to talk to the 6’2″ elf from the 11’3″ minotaur.

“I can’t justify the time or risk to the group to find the Prayer Flail, I hope the gods take it and one day many years from now it finds its way into the hands of one of there followers, light or dark, that a warrior may find peace in prayer and his faith can become his weapon.”

He looks out to the stars, “It is a fools dream I know, but I am a faithful fool.”

>> Spoken by Azariel Alea-iacta and Xerx’ses Goldenflail,

On the night 24th of Ra the year 111. <<

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