A Time to Every Purpose

A time of love… A time of hate… A time of war… A time of peace…

Entry #166

I messed up today. It was Horus Day. Apparently it is customary to give gifts on this day. I was completely unprepared for that! What would Moli say if she knew about this major gap in my knowledge? I received thoughtful gifts from all my friends. I even received a letter response from Malkin. It seems he will be able to meet us in Sekti-Abtu.

I offered to gift psychic powers to any on board who wished them. This was my offering to others in Just Horus’ name. These would be my gifts to them on Horus Day. Ursus, Willy, and several members of the crew agreed to join me. We meditated in Willy’s rebuilt room. It was very smoky in there…

Entry #171

…breakthrough! It’s taken several days of dedication but I’ve finally figured out how to repair my altered memories! This magic Jar’Eth used to change me is insidious. It will take me most of this journey to undo what He did. If it wasn’t such a violation of my mind I could almost be impressed…

Entry #198

Today was the 29th of Algor. We arrived safely in Sekti-Abtu. I am thankful that Kalan Winwater was able to guide the Shield of Light through all those dangers in the Sea of Despair. We were greeted in Sekti-Abtu with great fanfare. A large crowd gathered to see us. There was a chorus who sang Hymns of the Light. This was all unsettling to me. But I could feel Great Apis smile upon me proudly as I disembarked with the rest of CrIsis and the crew. Her comforting presence eased my tensions greatly.

We were led through the city in a great procession. The city itself was much like I remembered it from all those years ago when I snuck here with Moli. We were led to a great open courtyard area. Up above was an empty balcony where all the people below with us could be addressed. It occurred to me that if there was ever a holy war this is where the troops would gather to receive instructions. At that moment I was struck with an unexpected vision. Only once before in my life have I experienced such a vivid clairvoyant event.

It felt as if I was there in this vision. I could smell the scent of many bodies mixed with steel and leather. It was a familiar scent. It smelled like troops prepared for war. Looking around I could see an army wearing sigils both of the Light and the Dark. These soldiers were listening to a powerful voice which it seemed as if I recognized. I looked to where it was coming from. Up on the balcony I saw a figure addressing the gathering armies. It appeared to be Grignak. He was dressed in the clothes of the Holy Pontiff. He was speaking. I remember exactly what he said.

“Today we fight not against each other, and not to merely save the world we live in, but all worlds. For if the demons and deevils are not driven from our lands, all worlds will perish. You fight not today only for your God or Goddess, not just for your family, not just for your friends. Not at all even for yourself, but for all peoples on all worlds throughout the Megaverse. We must not be defeated. Drive the demons and deevils from our lands. You have the strength and power of the gods behind you…” That was all I was able to hear in this vision. While he talked I looked more at the gathered armies.

Each army was composed of many races. They were much less Human-centric than I expected them to be. I was pleased to see that. Even though the circumstances of their gathering seemed to be so dire. The armies of the Light were led by figures I seemed to recognize. It seemed as if all of CrIsis was here as a general. One tiny member was atop of a giand bird. A Garuda if I remembered right. That had to have been Willy. The armies of the Dark had their own generals. I did not recognize any of them save for one. The Deevil Ratel led an army of Anubis worshipers. The only other people I recognized at this gathering were two Dwarves. They looked like older versions of Tiny and Honey. With them were a few other Dwarves who looked similar to the two. Were they maybe their children?

I didn’t get to see or hear any more. The vision ended and I snapped back to our present day. We were all still waiting for the Holy Pontiff to come out and greet us. I shared my vision with the rest of CrIsis. I warned them that the future of couse is not set in stone. Nothing I saw was proof that any of us would survive or be successful. But it was encouraging because this vision meant that we could be. More troubling though was the war. Was that inevitable? Could our actions in Hades lead to this or prevent this? A person could go mad trying to figure out such questions. I resolved to remember this vision. If there’s something we can do in Hades to help prevent this war I want to be able to discover it.

His Holiness came out to speak with us. He declared a great feast and a cessation of hostilities between the Light and Dark until sunrise tomorrow morning. We of course agreed. After his uplifting speech we broke into an all night celebration. Several members of ReSet were boldly here too! No wonder His Holiness requested we cease hostilities. Still the party was very tense. Thankfully I was left mostly alone. In this goblin form I was not very welcomed. That was fine with me. I stayed only to help support my friends if they needed me. We would not break this peace but when it comes to the Dark I don’t put anything past them.

Entry #199

Today was the 30th of Algor. U’Selekma summoned us to talk with him. When we arrived we were all surprised to see that the church had brought our loved ones to meet with us. It had been a while but I was overcome when I saw Rolling Hills. She seemed unsure when she saw me. Our reunion was tense. Torrun and Kat helped prompt me to approach her. We talked awkwardly at first. My current form was very troubling to her. As we talked she realized I was still myself. This relaxed her a little, and helped me to relax too. We were able to share a good laugh. I hope to be able to talk with her more later.

Once we had all spent some time talking with our loved ones U’Selekma addressed us. What he said was very important.

“I’m happy that I’ve gathered CrIsis here – and it is among loved ones that you may hear these words, for I will not mince words. This may be the last time you see each other. Your path to Cynopolis is dangerous. You must visit the Alchemist that you have an agreement with in Caer Itom. But even with that, know this: You will be fighting ones that fought against you and fought with you. You will be fighting those that know all about CrIsis… Those that know everything that has been written, everything that has ever been said, everything that has ever occurred… They are experts in it. First you will face those that were once you. Those that have died in service to CrIsis.”

“The Dark and the Light have come to an agreement. CrIsis may have free passage to the shores of Cynopolis. No harm will come to the Shield of Light. Once upon the shores of Cynopolis you are on your own. Carl Mangerman had a say in this agreement. Let us just say that he has pledged that the Dark shall gain value if Crisis succeeds, and the Dark shall gain value is CrIsis does not succeed, over an agreement he made with you that I cannot discuss here. Carl Mangerman is an expert negotiator that plays all sides and I do not for a moment think that he will fulfill any bargain made with anyone completely. He makes sure that he covers all angles at all times. Beware of help given by Carl Mangerman. He is not an enemy to be underestimated. And he is an enemy that could be taken advantage of occasionally. But should not be idly thrown away. I for one think that there are greater games afoot than all of us understand.”

“My greatest worry is you facing legends and even friends that you have fought with in the past. All of you, I wish to make sure you understand that the danger is in underestimation at all times. You will be allowed safe passage to… And from there you must, shall we say, ‘follow your noses.’ I do not think that it will be difficult to follow your noses. I think that the obstacles in front of you are massive difficulty.”

“Once you leave the shores of Cynopolis, you’ll have the Dark’s by-in as not pursuing anything anymore. That does not mean that there will not be other forces. There is still many prices upon your heads. But it is of the Dark’s opinion that Modeus shall destroy you and I’m sure the Dark has already negotiated with Modeus upon what to do with the pieces if they do destroy you. They have probably also warned him that you are coming. It is actually good that, perhaps, that the Deevil Ratel has turned to the dark, for at least it seems the Deevils are not aware of your quest. At least one aspect of dark forces seems to be not involved.”

“Remember that good can be found in all evil, and evil can be found in all good. Trust your hearts. And Tiny, to make sure that you actually come back from this alive, for you have reason to be returned. Beyond that I unfortunately cannot help, however know that ReSet will wait for you after you have faced the former members of Crisis. There is no way of avoiding either battle. However, you must make sure that once you have defeated ReSet and reacquired the piece of Osiris you find a way to evade capture. For you will be given free reign except for those two battles on your way in, but on your way out it wil be up to you to do something that CrIsis has not succeeded in my knowledge – to be stealthy.”

“Fight as one. Steel yourselves for you shall be fighting legends and friends. You will see them not as dead. You know they are dead now, but you will not feel that when faced with them. It is not unwinnable. You will need to steel yourselves. You should make sure that you have acquired any items that may make you see through illusions and help you not be afraid. You should visit Azariel as well as an Alchemist that you have dealt with in the Western Empire. Not to cast aspersions to Azariel but he has been longer in the job. Trust in your faith to defeat those who are already dead – by making sure that you use things that are either blessed by the Gods or blessed by the Earth. The spirits of our former allies are already Anubis‘ forever. You must defeat them, but they will have appeals that will be difficult to resist. This fight is not unwinnable.”

Talking with and listening to U’Selekma took most of the day. Once we exhausted the conversation we retired to our rooms in the Shield of Light. He had given us a lot to think about. At the ship I was surprised to find our good friend Malkin waiting for us! He personally presented his research to Ursus. We all read it and asked him many questions. We thanked him for taking the time to find all this out and share it with us.

Entry #200

Today is the 31st of Algor. We thanked Malkin again and said goodbye to him. We visited the Holy Pontiff one more time. He gave us more warnings about Cynopolis and presented us with gifts. I asked him if our own spirits would join our fallen friends against the rest of us if we perished in Cynopolis. He sadly answered. “Yes. In killing all of them you may become one of them.” Once this audience was completed we went to visit Azariel.

On the way we stopped at the temple of Apis. There we went to a secluded grove and prayed together ro Apis for her help and guidance. Ursus wished to try and make the psychic power I gifted to him his own. We sat in a circle and each prayed in turn. Even Merkl and Willy offered sincere prayers. When we finished I felt the energy I invested in Ursus return to me. I looked at Ursus and I could see this was a success – he had managed to make that power his own now. I thanked Apis and the gods for their grace.

We made it to Azariel’s shop. He greeted us as old friends but then we got down to business. Everyone had a turn talking with him about things they hoped he could help them with. When it became my turn I gave him the Silver Chalice that Xerx’ses used to gain immortality. He accepted it reverently. I then gave him the bracelet which Mangy Carl had gifted to me. He treated it as if it was dirty as he took it. I didn’t blame him. After our last encounter with Carl I wished nothing more to do with him. Azariel gave me my very own amulet to teleport to Sekti-Abtu. I left a few other items with him and asked him some questions as well. I’ll have to come back to find out more…

Entry #201

Today is the 1st of Gryphon. Last night Rolling Hills and I had a very long and good talk. She is still apprehensive about my current form. I have begun meditating on how to regain my own form. My last journal entry filled up that book. So I gave Rolling Hills that journal. It had a lot of my thoughts about psionics, meditation, and her. I hoped it might be helpful for her to have it. I also did not wish to carry it into a place like Cynopolis or Hades. She seemed to appreciate the gift. This is the first entry in my new one. When Moli suggested I start keeping a journal I never dreamed I’d end up writing so much! Rolling Hills and I meditated together for a short time. I discussed with her how I can gift psionic abilities now. I suggested that it might help her with continuing to develop down the path she wished to follow. She said she would give it some thought.

This morning we returned to Azariel’s. He was able to clarify the limitations which Cynopolis imposed on teleportation. I was grateful to him for that information. He then told me that the bracelet Carl have given me was magically tracking our movements. He said he could break that spell, but if he did so then Carl would know. I suggested instead that he keep it until well after we leave. That way Carl would believe I at least had stayed behind. He agreed.

Ursus has been having trouble in Azariel’s shop. Apparantly Azariel must have a friend nearby that Ursus’ “Mr. Tooth” doesn’t like. The weapon has cajoled Ursus into trying to attack and kill this friend every time Ursus visits. Azariel has expelled him both times. Now he’s barred from entering. Because of that I asked Ursus’ questions for him today…

Entry #203

…the Temple to Mighty Ra! I prayed in thanks and respect to Him. I prayed that he might finally find me worthy to be a part of CrIsis. I prayed in gratitude for His grace in allowing Great Apis to appoint me to this quest in Her name. As I promised Torrun I donated a Dragon Coin to Ra’s church. I then donated W 5,000 to in my own name as well. I spent the rest of the day with the priests and priestesses helping…

Entry #204

…the Temple to Great Apis again. I prayed in thanks and respect to Her. I prayed in recognition of Her help and guidance to all of us in CrIsis in this quest. I prayed in thanks for Her faith in me when she summoned me to be a part of CrIsis. I donated W 4,000 to Her church. I spent the rest of the day with the priests and priestesses helping…

Entry #205

…the Temple to Lady Isis. I prayed in thanks and respect to Her. I prayed that She wait a little longer for us to recover the final pieces of Great Osiris. I begged Her to forgive Father Indaris for his decision to leave CrIsis. I donated W 5,000 to Her church. I spent the rest of the day with the priests and priestesses helping…

Entry #206

…the Temple to Great Osiris. I prayed in thanks and respect to Him. I prayed that He might wait a little longer for us to recover the remaining pieces of Him. I prayed in gratitude for His blessings upon CrIsis both in the past and recently. I donated W 3,000 to His church. I spent the rest of the day with the priests and priestesses helping…

Entry #207

…the Temple to Just Horus. I prayed in thanks and respect to Him. I prayed in gratitude for His guidance over Moli during the troubles in her life before we met. I prayed for his continued guidance towards all others who found themselves in a similar situation. I donated W 3,000 to His church. I spent the rest of the day with the priests and priestesses helping…

Entry #208

…the Temple to Fiery Bennu. I prayed in thanks and respect to Her. I prayed in gratitude for Her gifts to us which saw us through the Goblin King’s Labyrinth. I prayed for knowledge of any way in which I had slighted Her and for forgiveness of those slights. I donated W 2,000 to Her church. I spent the rest of the day with the priests and priestesses helping…

Entry #209

…the Temple to Khonsu. I prayed in thanks and respect to Him. I prayed in gratitude for His blessings upon Ursus and Ansa. I prayed to ask that He continue to watch over The Nameless Man and his family. I donated W 2,000 to His church. I also presented to the priests the original pamphlet of Khonsu which The Nameless Man and Ursus wrote together. They were very grateful for this. I spent the rest of the day with the priests and priestesses helping…

Entry #210

…the Temple to Alluring Bast. I prayed in thanks and respect to Her. I prayed in gratitude for the miracle which she bestowed upon Grignak and I. I prayed that she might forgive Nimaya and release her from the curse Grignak laid upon her. I donated W 2,000 to Her church. I spent the rest of the day with the priests and priestesses helping…

Entry #211

…the Temple to Wise Thoth. I prayed in thanks and respect to Him. I prayed that He might deliver guidance to help Willy accept and understand the miracle of the Gods. I donated W 2,000 to His church. I spent the rest of the day with the priests and priestesses helping…

Entry #212

…the Temple to Uncorrupted Bes. I was surprised at how much His temple was still in disarray. For so long He was a God of the Dark. But now He was a God of the Light again. His followers were still having some trouble adjusting. I prayed in thanks and respect to Him. I prayed in hope and love to Him that he might find acceptance once again with the Gods of Light. I prayed in gratitude for His rebirth and return to the Light. I donated W 2,000 to His church. I spent the rest of the day with the priests and priestesses helping…

Entry #213

…crew seemed especially clumsy today. It seemed like everyone was breaking something and asking for my help in repairing it. This went on all day long. I didn’t get a chance to leave the Shield of Light at all! If I didn’t know any better I’d think this was all being done on purpose to keep me from leaving the ship. I was glad to be able to help though. Especially fixing things with my own hands as opposed to using my powers – just like I did when working with The Nameless Man. It was a busy but good day.

Entry #214

Today is the 14st of Gryphon. A knock at my door this morning ended my meditation. I was quite surprised to see Torrun standing there! He had a tray of delicious-smelling food. “Happy naming day my Kankoran friend. This should help remind you of home.” Torrun said that to me. I was stunned. I did not expect anything like this from him. He has always tried to keep his distance. How did he even learn that today was my birthday? He handed me the tray with a smile and left.

The meal was fish on rice, a minced meat pie, and two fresh loaves of bread. This must have taken him a while to make. It was more than just delicious – it tasted a lot like something I could’ve eaten back in my village. I am glad I was able to restore my original memories. A meal like this would’ve been depressing if it brought those false memories to mind.

Instead this meal reminded me of winters among my tribe. Of hunting with Red Snow and Runs With Wolves. Of gathering plants and medicines for River Bend. Of stern lectures from Mountain Shadow. Of long talks and late nights with Night Rain Too many memories of home and friends to list. I was quite uncharacteristically emotional as I savored this meal.

I was even more surprised to find a pearl wrapped in cheesecloth in one of the bread loaves. I smiled at finding that. I think maybe I have misjudged Torrun. He is opening up to us. Just in his own way and time.

Later that day I met with Rolling Hills. She told me about her part in Torrun’s surprise meal this morning. I embraced her. Even though I am still in this Goblin form she embraced me back. There was a lot less hesitation than usual. She registered my surprise. “I’m sorry for how I reacted when I saw you again.” She said that to me. “It’s just… taken some time to realize you’re still the same inside. I’ll accept you no matter how you look.” Those words filled me with joy. We embraced again, then…

Entry #215

Azariel told me to come back today for the rest of my items. I was quite unprepared for what he had to tell me! He revealed secrets about Azomir, Calumet, and Corin. After hearing about what Corin I offered it to Willy. He was unsure about accepting it. I hope if he decides not to use it that he will at least donate it to the Church of Thoth. Azariel was able to enchant several of the arrows I gave him as well. They will be useful in the times to come.

Most impressive was what Azariel was able to do with the arm-cuff which Xerx’ses made and enchanted for me on The Nameless Man’s farm. Azariel was able to make the spell within recharge over time! Now I no longer need to fear depleting this wondrous gift from Xerx’ses.

Before I left Azariel leaned in close to my ear. “You remind me of Roggan.” He whispered that to me…

Entry #216

…the Temple to Xerx’ses. I prayed in thanks and respect to Him. I prayed for his continued health and wished him well, wherever he was now. I prayed in gratitude for his sacrifice which allowed the rest of us to live. I donated W 1,000 to His church. I spent the rest of the day with the priests and priestesses helping…

Entry #217

Today I visited the shrines for each of us in CrIsis. I also visited the shrines to Indaris and The Nameless Man. I donated W 1,000 to each shrine. At The Nameless Man’s shrine I also passed on to them the message he left for me. The caretaker there assured me he would honor that request. I left with a plant from their small garden in a pot. I will keep it on the Shield of Light in his honor. The caretaker said when it matures it can be smoked for calming effect. I think The Nameless Man would approve.

It was strange and humbling to see my own shrine. They would not accept my money. There was a visitor there who recognized me. It was a Goblin! His name was Sxeb Kebuzt. He was excited to actually meet me. He was grateful that there was a Goblin in CrIsis. I told him that being a Goblin wasn’t my natural form. That didn’t matter to him. I had experienced what he experienced daily. He knew that I wouldn’t forget that. That I wouldn’t forget what he and those like him deal with from other races. This was an enlightening conversation.

All this time I thought I was cursed as a Goblin. Maybe I’ve been thinking about this all wrong?

Entry #218

Today I was able to use my psychic powers to change my form from that of a Goblin into that of a Dwarf! Specifically this was the Dwarven form I was blessed with by the Gods when we visited the Crystal Kingdom. I was so excited that I ran from my room shouting for joy! Before dinner I was able to recover my Kankoran form. I can’t wait to show Rolling Hills.

I think it was that talk with Sxeb which finally made me think about this in the right way. It wasn’t about undoing a curse. It was about considering the form I’m representing. By dinner I had also recovered my Kankoran form. I feel right for the first time in months. But I will not forget…

Entry #219

I discovered today that my new psychic power only offers a temporary reprieve from my Goblin form. I will need to keep renewing this ability in order to retain my natural Kankoran body. I am not disappointed. I am comfortable with this.

Torrun asked us to accompany him to Azariel’s today. Once we arrived Azariel returned our CrIsis rings to us. It felt good to have the ring back. I could swear I could sense it was thrumming with more power than before. Azariel was very proud of what he accomplished with them. Now when we wore them…

Entry #221

Today was Willy’s concert! All of us helped behind the scenes. So many people showed up! It seemed like it was a great success. His music sounds like nothing else I’ve ever heard. I think the crowd agreed with me that it’s pretty amazing.

Entry #222

Today was the 22nd of Gryphon. We were to leave on the Shield of Light once the tides were right. It was a day full of emotion as we said goodbye to everyone. I said my real goodbyes to Rolling Hills last night. I have shown her many psychic powers during our time here. I believe she will be able to unlock them herself now. And she will be able to continue to help guide the three young ones whose psychic potential I helped them to unlock. Even Sxeb was there to see me off with some of his own friends.

The time was right. We set sail. Soon the island disappeared behind us. Our mood was different. We sailed towards Caer Itom. But we knew we were really sailing towards Cynopolis. Caer Itom would just be a short stop on the way. The time was coming. We will face our former allies. We will face ReSet. And in the name of the Gods we will prevail.

Note: These excerpts are from Silent Dream’s journal. They were written in Elven, on parchment paper between the 25th of Od and the 22nd of Gryphon, in the seventy-third year of the Great Wolfen Empire and the first and second years of the Kingdom of Koris Gwaisol.

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  • This was great and I loved every morsel of the log.

  • There was so much to do in Sekti-Abtu, I think we could’ve spend a couple full games just RP’ing there if we wanted! Even with this log I feel like I only just barely scratched the surface. Greeting worshippers, visiting the College of Philosophy, using our Demigod abilities for the benefit of all… Not to mention what the Shield of Light crew was up to, too!

    • Yes, but time is my enemy currently…. sad, but true…

  • I know it would have been glorious and I had not even thought about visiting Torrun’s shrine. I don’t know if he would because he does not seek glory or accolades. Even though that is indeed what he acquires.

  • “If it wasn’t such a violation of my mind I could almost be impressed”
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