Annie Cuts A Clearer Conscious

Twas ’bout two days ago I made some decisions for myself. During the time we had at the Library of Bletherad, I can say CrIsis was not the only one to enter the library. I should probably start from the beginning for this chapter in my story.

I was married with children and that was taken from me. The gracious gods of light, Ra and Bennu returned my eye and youth in return for supporting CrIsis. What I never expected was to fall in love with one of them! Intially it was Captain, Xerx’ses Goldenhorn when he saved me from magic fire and later a catapult shot that would have killed me! Then he used legendary magic and made a doppleganger of HIMSELF! Kom’var Spellborn was his given name and aside from being half of Xerx’ses’ power he was an identical copy. What I found out was that our Minotaur Wizard-Captain did not pass his emotions on to him so his doppleganger would come to his own conclusions and hopefully develope a SOUL! If he lives past 16 years from the 27th of Gryphon on this year he will be a REAL MINOTAUR! I could not believe the Minotaur Wizard-Captain was that powerful! I made it my mission to get to know him and he remembered me from his passed-on memories! He asked if we had shared something special in the galley that day and I said “YES” oh so much yes! When he asked for help understanding I began to take it as a sign at a second chance for love. Yes I said I love a Minotaur! He can take human form so there has been no issue with explaining how to become intimate or the budding signs of love betwixt us.

Honeysuckle, is very close to giving birth to one of the two sons of the “late” Captain Overkill. During all of this time she has been warning me that Kom’var is sweet but a distraction because he is a spell creation, nothing can last from it. I have faith though the Wizard-Captain’s magic is stronger than the world knows! Given what life has dealt me I will take love where I can find it and it is real. My heart tells me Kom’var cares for me and is genuine. I know now from my time in the Library there are “Spellborn Rules” he must obey to his creator, Xerx’ses. Should he pass the 16 year mark and become real those rules vanish and he can make his own decisions! More on this later.

I started my own research and found there were some legendary spells of shape changing that could permanently change you into another race! Granting you a longer life or shorter one depending on the chosen race! I only know one mage of that power and was working on getting my findings together when Kom’var gave me some “news” on the 29th of Corg that tore my heart to hear! Still he was happy to think about the chance of meeting other minotaurs and he asked me to come with him so we could begin a new life. He has no idea how unique our relationship is, poor lummox.

Adventures on the island of Y-Oda kept CrIsis till the night of the 13th of Selestra. The ranger that had been checking in each day, Herald, was excited to see them! Word had come down we were leaving for Haven on the morrow after some experiment for Professor Malkin. I knew then tonight had to be the night I take my life in my hands and convince the one person that had the power to make it happen.


It was the first bell of the 14th of Selestra in the dead of night. When his eyes opened and his head tilted to see me he quipped, ”You’re not an elf, send in Mistress Iana.”

I pressed the dagger to his neck to to garner his complete attention.

“Mistress Annie, please explain why you are trying to commit suicide?”

I told him about sending Kom’var away, the research in the Library, and came clean as Overkill says to do about how we feel about each other.

“Mistress Annie, if you will climb down off my chest I will talk with you about this. You owe me a jug of carrot juice for the knife stunt.”

Considering what other captains would’ve done I got off easy, and I complied with his request setting into a chair sized for him.

“Based on what you’ve told me you are aware of roughly how I created my “Spellborn Twin” and that REAL free will does not actually belong to him yet?”

I nodded that I understood.

”I am sorry for your losses but I cannot let you go with him due to your oath to Ra and Bennu to help us. Besides not enough people know whom to look for of the Redbeard crew. Honeysuckle and Mary are depending on you to continue the hunt and free Overkill from the underworld.”

I then told him I want him to make me a minotaur!


I explained that my old life is gone in flame, my current life is for the gods, but if there is to be a future I want it to be with him!

“Hmmm, so you want me to figure out another spell of legend for you?”

I nodded once more in the affirmative.

” I must think on this, I will promise you an answer by the time we reach Haven.”

I bowed my head and thanked him, but he called to me as I was leaving.

“Make it two jugs of carrot juice,”

Today is the 15th and we are a day out from Haven on the eastern seas, and the CrIsis has gone below to discuss what to do with five rune weapons found upon the island of Y-Oda’s ruins I guess. I asked Kom’var if he had spoken to the captain since we set sail and he said not much, just pleasantries in passing. At that time I was miffed but claimed it was something I was cooking I forgot about and went back to the kitchen. That night at the 20th bell Jershon told me to find Kom’var and bring him to the captain!

The Wizard-Captain and the first mate were waiting in his cabin for both of us. Draped over one of his legs was a large studded mace and chain. It would be a little small in Kom’var’s hands but one or even two handed for most humans. The captain said to leave the door open so anyone could hear this if they so wished.

”Kom’var I have tried to protect you as I feel I failed my brother Zeelik. I see that my plan to send you home to share what you know of the world with the Serinan Tribe may not actually be in your best interest of developing a soul. A soul takes heart, courage, and fear. I have a birthright my tribe has known for eons, as you will remember. This flail is called, Cynic and you will be his guardian till either I have a need for the ship and crew’s benefit or I can see signs of it bonding to you because you are developing a soul.”

I was speechless as he continued, having heard how the Wizard-Captain can be found talking to his sword from time to time.

”Since I can set whatever rules I wish I have decided the following:

Only three people may issue commands you must follow using the phrase, ‘Kom’var, I command you,’ and then the explicit command. Those three people are myself, Master Jershon, and Rostam Stonemace, our father. If we do not use the command phrase you are hereby not compelled to follow our wishes! From this moment till the end of your days barring the one rule I give unto thee free will. May the Lawgiver have mercy on my soul.”

The captain stood and then cut his finger upon one of the spikes of the Cynic. He wrote the name of Osiris in his blood upon Kom’var’s brow! It glowed and burned with light then nothing was left but ash stain where the blood had been. He presented the ancient weapon of magic to my love and reminded both of us that he did not give me control of Kom’var because in love it must be equals as his mother and father taught him. Neither controls the other.

This day definitely did not suck,

Written by Annenwen upon the 15th of Selestra in her private journal she has dedicated to Ra and Bennu.

Annie, Cynic, and Kom’var art done by AZ_RUNE.
Honeysuckle picture by Misi Chan, and edited by AZ_RUNE.

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  • I hope people enjoy the kabbalah style writing of a God’s name to alter spell conditions. I also used Xerx’ses to “blood” the Cynic. The reason is that since they share the same blood and Xerx’ses as an anchor, then this might help the bond begin. Xerx’ses also feels without as close to free will as he can grant, then a soul may take longer to develop.

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