Annie Sees Her Man

Today is the 12th of Gyrphon and we have only found one more of the Redbeard crew. It was in the city we docked in on the 31st of Algor, the Timirian coastal town of Marmana. We found Higan Hlon or “Higgens” to the Redbeard at the Tavern called the Merc & Sailor’s Rest. It wasn’t until the 2nd of Gryphon when one of the Sami Clan tipped us off about a newcomer. He didn’t really like Overkill half the time but agreed to go after some persuasion.

I think my former captain, is lucky the two sirens of Bennu and Ra were the ones looking this night at Captain Goldenhorn’s request. Oh sweet Isis I would be happy to be changed into a Minotaur to have someone love me again like a man should! It’s not as though I have anything left going for me as a human anyway. I want that life to be behind me, maybe someone like the captain can understand. I can’t stop thinking about the battle of 16th of Algor, and how I owe him my life at least eight times or more. . .

I watched him leave the wrecked galley with wooden shards each the size of a boarding sword sticking out of his back! I was never a hero, I was raised to be a mother. I’ll never know if my late husband was ever the pirate smuggler he was accused of being. Our children died that night and I…

…I for some reason have been sparred, healed and tasked with helping those that would rebuild a god! Almost everyone on the ship is unaware the porthole in his cabin is open at night. Since I wake up before everyone to work on breakfast I sit near the rails and I can hear about the nightmares he has regarding the Vequana and Isle of the Cyclops. He has a heart and it’s snapping bit by bit, not if I have anything to do about it.

Till next time. . .

Written by Annenwen upon the 12th of Gryphon in her private journal she has dedicated to Ra and Bennu.

Annie’s picture comes from the Sad Littles website and has gone offline with no estimated return date in sight. Edits to the original photo done by AZ_RUNE.
All of the “16th of Algor Flashback” art is created by AZ_RUNE trying to draw in the style of Frank Miller

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  • I tried to write as little as possible and let the picture tell the story. What I found even more challenging for me was that Frank Miller is a minimalist on content. If it is not needed don’t draw it. I know how wordy I get and in drawing like this I had to trust the small amount of content and economical use of text would convey the full range of emotion and scene.

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