The Way you Make Me Feel

Dearest Silent Dream, My Love,

I know that we just parted, but I wanted to be clear- I am ashamed at how I had reacted to you in your Goblin appearance. What is truly beautiful is what you are inside! To teach me such wonderful new things, plus to share in your love, despite my callous initial reaction- well, I am not worthy!

You Give Me Fever
Like I’ve Never, Ever Known
You’re Just A Product Of
I Like The Groove Of
Your Walk,
Your Talk, Your Dress
I Feel Your Fever
From Miles Around

I Like The Feelin’ You’re
Givin’ Me
Just Hold Me Baby And I’m
In Ecstasy
Oh I’ll Be Workin’ From Nine
To Five
To Buy You Things To Keep
You By My Side
I Never Felt So In Love Before
Just Promise Baby, You’ll
Love Me Forevermore
I Swear I’m Keepin’ You
‘Cause You’re The One For Me
The Way You Make Me Feel
You Really Turn Me On
You Knock Me Off Of My Feet
My Lonely Days Are Gone-

Be Safe, and hurry back to me!!

Lovingly yours!

Rolling Hills

Picture of Rolling Hills from BagelCollector
Song from Michael Jackson


5 Responses to “Appearances

  • Even in a fantasy setting visual stimulus can be hard to overcome and harder to admit to needing to do so.

  • Dream was so excited to get this! Ursus’ blessing must be at work here!

    • And I absolutely appreciate the song reference! “Go on girl! Go on!”

    • Of course it was Ursus’ influence…what else could it be.

  • Young furry love at it’s best. Awesome.

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