Appologies, Malkin!


Sorry I haven’t written back, and sorry I haven’t shown up! It seems that we have been waylaid by politics and peace-talks. As well, we are headed to Wisdom. I will be looking for the Flowers we had talked about – Librarium sementia. I heard they had one there, though they may have gone to ground already, and I’ll have to dig some up to bring with me, and plant in richer soils

I am going to try to get us back to you as soon as possible. But as I have no majority vote in this group, there is not much I can do.

Our vessel is currently in dry dock. So that should tell you. At least 1 month before we set sail. Who knows, maybe they will decide that we need to go to Glade.

It’s like a pack of domesticated dogs chasing wildlife. So distractible. “Squirrel!”

Yours in Knowledge,

>>Pigeon sent to Malkin Falimede in the 4th year of CrIsis, written by Ja’Deir, Ashada Mind Mage, disciple of Apis.<< >>
Picture from Mostafa Mahmoud.


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