Apprehension and Uncertainty



I am more concerned than ever about your well-being! It is a full month since last I heard from you, and that was the first time in 5 months! You even failed to send a letter upon the Festival of Apis, which you have not missed since we first met!

I am not surprised by Oathbringer’s reaction, rather, I am surprised by your own! I realize that the taking of Nara has greatly affected you, but I did not know anything could shake you to the core this badly! This is one of the holiest weapons of all! Held for centuries by the priestess Perfone! Yet your statue here shows you wielding the Three Sisters! Oathbringer is nowhere to be seen!

Yes, the statues here at the Obelisk reflect the weapons that you hold! They also show the permanent armor, so please tell Overkill that his new plate armor is impressive! Please tell me about it!

The Obelisk has become all that I had hoped! It is welcoming droves of new converts to the Light! I tell stories of CrIsis regularly, and talk about your goodness often! I hope that I am not misspeaking….

Have faith, my friend! Do not turn your back on the gifts given to you! Despair not! I hope to hear from you soon! Make sure you send me a pigeon during the Festival of Osiris!!

Fair thee well, wherever you may fare! May Isis’ Torch Light Your Way!
Father Philip
Sent on the 12th of Majestic in the 2nd year of King Guy of Timiro.

Picture from Nikola Hohlov.

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