Are You Hale and Hearty?


I have found two clues for the one that must be redeemed! Oddly, they were found in an old bookseller’s shop in the Middle Kingdoms. The code is cryptic, but two things were clear-
1- A path exists from the Crystals to this place, and there is no other path.
2- It is truly isolated, for she, and her knowledge, were banished from the Kingdoms before the war.
Perhaps more clues can be found with the rise of the Elven Kingdom, since they banished her.

I remind you that I did not receive an answer to my last two pigeons! There is need for knowledge of whether I shall be alone! Send word to me via the second code structure for your arrival- we must strike soon, or our Quarry will be more powerful! Her death will be simpler to accomplish on the day of the God of Wisdom, for that is her weakest point. Please join me, for I fear that their successes are increasing her strength, and this may be the last chance.

Fare thee well, and beware all except those in your own circle. Their are definitely some who profess that they are with the Light, and with the Empire, that are double agents. I keep hoping that the Emperor will take a side with the Light, but thus far has not occurred. Be safe!

I long to be free!!!
Your Teacher


Logan picture from Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade .


8 Responses to “Are You Hale and Hearty?

  • Is there a Cliff Notes to explain this story arc? I think I’ve missed some important context along the way and I have no idea what’s going on. Maybe I’m just not supposed to?

  • This witch known as Lady Shara Lechellsa, is the purported mother of Azariel. Lady Shara destroyed No Name‘s family and has helped ReSet on occasion via alliances with Lady Daera Kaze. No Name’s vengeance has been to take out her allies (eg. Steve and Mangy Carl), and then bring her doom.

    • That helps, thanks!

    • Very good summary except for the Mangy Carl bit- he turned his back on ReSet, and allowed CrIsis to recover a piece.

      • Correct, but he was someone originally on No Name’s hit list. He just proved he was not beyond something redeeming in him.

  • Alright folks get out your Kap’n Krunch Decoder rings to follow along with the rest of the story

    • Like everything about No Name, there is mystery.

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