As Long as the Books Are Safe

Rescue the Books!

Student Monk-

I appreciate the letter apologizing for your late arrival. I know where you are, or at least where CrIsis was, due to receiving the notes from the members through the Gods, not to mention regular pigeons from Xerx’ses, but an apology for lack of timeliness is rare.

I saw no mention from you of the Seed Library in Wisdom! Does that mean my message was not clear, or did you not pass it on to the rest of CrIsis, or were they already destroyed by the Zealotry?

The fact that so many libraries still exist is shocking to me. I met with Ley-Rhy at length. He told me that he had knowledge of at least eight seed libraries still in existence! He refused to tell me their locations, for he feels it is too dangerous. He, in fact, is looking into having some memories removed. I have garnered that some are attached to the Royal Colleges, but with the loss of the one in Credia that leaves only six.

I hope that he has told you where the other two are. I assume according to the manuscript given to me by the Gods that one is probably the answer to the legend of Wo’Elfenbrut. Ley-Rhy is convinced that it is buried near its original site, and I think it could exist, but probably farther from its original home. The problem is I can find no reference to its location in the Library of Bletherad! I am hoping that references to it lie within other seed libraries.

I have no idea where the last one is located. It may have something to do with the missing Piece?

I look forward to your discussions on these matters. Hope to see you soon, and most importantly, SAVE THOSE BOOKS!

Consider your apology accepted.
Sent on the 11th of Majestic in the 71st year of the Wolfen Empire.

Picture by our own AZ Rune.


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