At Last A Paladin

To your holiness, Pontiff U’Selekma,

⛵ The 24th of Majestic

I have returned from the “Time Boon” granted by Mighty Ra. Thank you for sending the Ramen, Barudalan, to train me as a Holy Paladin of the Light. Please commend Father Indaris for not letting up on being my spiritual guide. Always trying to make sure I stayed within the light of the heavens. Oh how glorious my dream has finally come true!

At last I feel like the trip to Hades has a glimmer of hope we may survive and bring the Lawgiver’s Skull back to my Lord and Savior that he might be whole and Wonderous Isis may be one again with her beloved.

I know Father Indaris has been trying to bring me into the “faith” in a more official capacity for well over a year. It wasn’t until the Festival of the lovely Bast in this 4th year of King Guy the First’s reign that I felt ready to move beyond my strides as Wizard. I am not sure what honor I have done to prompt Mighty Ra to send Barudalan to me the night of the 23rd of Majestic in a blast of sunlight at night! When he appeared in my room a glowing set of sigils for Mighty Ra, and my savior – the Lawgiver appeared above his outstretched hand.

Then he spoke, ‘If you agree to accept this divine favor of father and son, you will enter another “Time Boon” and become “our” student. No other questions may be asked and it will not be offered a second time. Do you believe Xerx’ses Goldenhorn, Oathkeeper?’

I reached out with both hands to grip his and I knelt, touching my forehead to his hand in supplication. Another flash of light and I found myself among Ramens and Titans! We were inside one of the Pyramids of Osiris, I knew not which one for there was no piece here. At least I understood what he had meant by “our” student. I was not given a name but told only one other Minotaur had impressed Mighty Ra in such a fashion. While that Minotaur had different gifts I was at heart a warrior! Now I was to become a radiant champion of his pantheon! My training was to be a tad rushed because of the quest. However, if it worked for me it would give them the foundation to create more Holy Paladins! An Archmage I may be but I was shaking hearing the words they were telling me. Barudalan stepped forward and laid a hand on my shoulder calming me. Nodding I knew I would go forth and become an Arcanist-Paladin of Holy Eldritch Wrath among the wicked.

That month was the hardest physical time of my life, aside from dying twice that one day. Though, I would change nothing! I even learned how to use a shield! I will have to thank Father Indaris because watching him use a shield all this time I am sure helped out a great deal! I shall now venture forth to bring the Arcane Wrath of my Divine Blessings down upon evil in a way that shall leave the bearers of the Dark smote upon the ground. Apparently, when I am excited I digress or repeat myself, apologies.

Just after the morning meal when I had returned, I summoned everyone together and brought Kom’var Spellborn out on deck. I asked him to kneel and present me Cynic, his rune flail. I think everyone was a bit worried that was about to send him away. There were huge curious looks from my friends, core crew and the rest. Mistress Annie, our cook and now head cook, was wide eyed but Captain Jershon made sure she stayed in check. I began his accommodations as a berating speech, turned into praise.

Kom’var I took the Cynic back because it has come to my attention you don’t deserve such a weapon! You have shown time and again a complete and utter lack of concern for your well-being as you first and foremost fought a Gryphon, pirate boarders, an evil Minotaur, and a Baal–Rog Demon in the Battle of Bletherad Bay.

Secondly, during our run in with the Pirates leaving the Timiro Kingdom you coated the sides of the ship with Carpets of Adhesion spells, thus preventing boarders from scaling onto the Shield of Light and adding a final lifeline to any of the crew falling overboard.

Thirdly, you removed three of the Horned Ramrod Sea Serpents with quick use of rudimentary spell magic! Shaman Grignak, would you stand our young friend up and hold him into position. Good! Now (I put Cynic in my bag) I only expect full members of the crew to show such wanton dedication for their fellow mates! Tis high time the ship had a wizard dedicated to it! KOM’VAR SPELLBORN YOU ARE HERBY THE WIZARD OF THE SHIELD OF LIGHT! HIP HIP HUZZAH!!!


Cheers were heard all around, then I stunned them further with two gifts, because of our shared soul he should bond very quick to them. What stunned everyone was that I put Magos on his left hand knowing it would fit, and then strapped Callandor about his waist. My last command to them both was to serve the clone of my soul. I did tell Callandor should Kom’var fall I am entrusting him to Jershon, even though he is far to small to now wield him as anything other than a two-handed saber. I trust your nephew, most holy Pontiff, to bring the weapon back to you and find it an adventurous champion. Just don’t let it sit in a box, please give it purpose and life.

Etrinus Fortem,

Xerx’ses Goldenhorn,

Oathkeeper & Arcnaist Holy Paladin for the Lawgiver,

Immortal Demigod War Wizard of CrIsis,

Head Weaver for the Tri-Arcanum Guild,

AKA: Admiral Osric Orghallar of Shield Of Light

>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenhorn, sent on the evening of the 24th of Majestic, 4th year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, 72nd Year of the Wolfen Empire, 345 year of the Dominion of Man, and 25th Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II. <<

Art by AZ-Rune Art, commission him at:

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