Ballad Of Torrun 2nd Stanza Set

Lost Inquisitions

In this company of “Lunatics” among which he found.
Did their oft heavy laden hearts did abound.
Worries about their friends were read,
sending letters home concerning their hope and dread.

Wrapped in the dark of Aco’s sable hair.
The Eye of Ra no longer shone so fare.
Through the night did they huddle around the fire’s glare.
The truth of their souls to each other did they attempt to make bare.

With two new members thrust into their broken fold.
First to go was the Dwarf Prince born of Ithan’s line of old.
His attempt to share and augment their tale.
Was drowned with quick words akin to a stone in a pale.

Veterans seeking only elements to them that mattered.
Felt to the Dwarf Prince like a story fragment, shattered, and tattered.
Knowing his part in their quest of lore was done
He wished the Elf luck and hoped that he won.

Sadly, this elf’s intentions appeared to be tainted
With sticky fingers of avarice so thus painted.
Beneath the gaze of Khonsu’s baleful moon eye.
Did this band of “Lunatics” seek wings to fly.

Emerald Dreams

Wondering about his love left at home.
Did Torrun sometimes finally worry about being alone.
While at times he did feel his own heart yearn to the distance
He watched and realized love was not so full of reticence.

Through eyes born of slate gray stone.
Did the shimmer of love tinged lust upon them now tone.
As actors in a play did he watch and see.
The hearts of Beauty and a Beast seek to be free.

Wood maiden, Nimaya, our path warden on high, did seek a beast whom she might ride.
Upon the fall of Aco’s dress of night did her beastly Dream, stop trying to hide.
Both of them bore eyes of emerald green.
Now entwined with bliss did their gaze make a sheen.

Seeing them court and seeing them cuddle.
In truth makes one’s heart become a puddle.
In a life so short and seemingly blue
Tis nice when love’s spark starts to shine through.

The Brothers Flex

Unless you have been a soldier in war of annihilation.
You will not understand in the end the need for reconciliation.
There is no dark without the light.
Just as things always look grim before they gleam bright.

When facing a foe in a towering giant,
Heebo the Darkstar used his net most magical and pliant.
Enraptured by its enchanted bands from the living tree of wood.
Taken down by arrested steps so lay it smote but good.

Seeing the warrior of dark heart so ardently aid the light,
Warmed the Dwarf Prince’s heart at the flexing of his might!
Into the throne room of the northern Sea Kingdom he charged.
With three swings of Justice & Retribution death was his barrage.

In the center where Demon Queen held the pretender king in her sway.
A mystical circle used its power to stop all magics from forcing her away.
Among this circle of dark and magical sovereign might.
Twas magi that practiced the dark arts allowing them to control the night!

By ill will their gaze turned upon those of us beyond their barrier of hate.
Not willing to become the victim of their kenning of dark fate.
The Dwarf Prince saw a chance to have Dark and Light unite!
With the now arrested giant the Dwarf Prince saw a chance to make things right!

Laying aside his righteous cleavers given by the Gods!
He set forth with his hands upon the magical net to test the odds!
Flexing his will, body, and soul did he succeed in his test of glory!
As above him did he move the giant bound now to the will of his story!

And thus the smallest among CrIsis stood tall.
With a heave of glory’s renown did he flex and throw the giant crushing the necromancer under its fall!
No longer the fate of this fabled crusading band.
Would be bound to the will of evil’s dark hand!

Together the “Brothers Flex” made the wave turn in this fight.
As they watched the rest of their friends in turn crush the Demon Queen’s might.
United in purpose they work together to show the way
When light and dark untie to show a better day!

Written and composed between the 8th of Selestra and the 23rd of Selestra.


6 Responses to “Ballad Of Torrun 2nd Stanza Set

  • I finally think I could learn to like Torrun. I pray his streak of bad rolls is at an end or a long vacation. Good grief it felt so good to write in the form of poetic ballad style. Methinks Terramore Gleba may have a friend in CrIsis he can truly enjoy meeting.

  • The Brothers Flex! Loved all the poetry, but especially the love section- well done!

  • Well now I’m disappointed that there was apparantly much more to Torrun’s story which could’ve been shared at the fireside chat, but that did not come out for some reason.

    • It makes two of us, my friend. But always more RP to be had.

  • now all it had to do is be set to music and we will have our very own epic. Very well done good sir, apparently torrun is a bard as well 🙂

    and hopefully there will be plenty of time for us to find out our different hidden qualities

  • If I was only half as gifted in prose as AZ/Torrun I would have all the young lasses swooning at my feet.

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