Beyond the Horizon

The actions of Indaris begin to worry me greatly. From personal experience it has become clear to me that Indaris is a being wholly consumed by the demands of the flesh, those base emotions that drag us from the light into the dark, and every step of the way he blames his continual slide upon the Gods of Light, most notably Isis.

Even now, I worry that should he read this he would take action against me much as he did against the Great Wooly Dragon. He cast a sanctuary spell upon the beast and then proceeded to beat it into a pulp. He has been called up short by his god already once, and yet he continues to interpret every message received from the gods through a lens of ‘how can this benefit me the best.’

He used his powers to try to exact revenge against the Agent, thereby losing many of of our True Names to said agent. We were subjected to torture. Roggan was submitted to torture because of the actions of this man, and yet he persists in the actions that have caused grief to himself and others without a single care of the consequences.

With the obvious bent of expiation that he always seems to lend to any godly communication, it makes me worry that once again he has thrown us to the wolves because of his personal desire for aggrandizement. He seeks glory more than the glory of the gods. We don’t need an agent of the dark fighting against us when we have someone like Indaris in our team.

Yes, I am supposed to be here to bring harmony to the group. I am trying to bring us into a state of harmony, but how can I do this when at every turn the actions of one man not only sow discord, but actively destroy the name of CrIsis among the general populace. Overkill, who is a flawed individual if ever there was one, made a mistake. He is a being who has never truly believed in the sanctity of marriage, for which I can forgive him. That is who he is, and who Mary his wife, is. They have a loose sense of their relationship. I mean, she went on a journey without him and who knows what mischief she got up to.

Indaris, however, did not allow Overkill his foibles. Did he talk to the Dwarf about it, in private? Did he tell him not to because of the nearness of the anniversary of the death of Overkill’s daughter? No, he sowed discord in the group by telling Xer’xses. Don’t get me wrong. I love the overgrown child. He is the closest to family that I have in CrIsis. He is also very intolerant and were he not already devoted to his chosen god I might try to recruit him into worship of Ra. He is a much better example of that than I will ever be. Indaris might as well have been dry-washing his hands in devilish glee when he told Xer’xses what was going on.

Chaos, thy name is Indaris.

Were these the only problems that he had recently sown, I would have let it go, I could have let it go, but these are not. They are not even remotely related to the grievous hurt he has caused the name of CrIsis now. Indaris has been bound by law by the LGC because he cheated at the games.

To hear Indaris tell it Isis came down in a pillar of fire and stopped before him as he dreamed and commanded him to go forth and use Oathbringer as a sword in the Lopanic Games, consequences be damned. He was promised that while he did so he would remain undiscovered. Indaris truly believes that the information came from Isis, however the nature of the request, if request it actually was and not just a comment that such was possible, sounds more like what we fight against than what the gods we are devoted to would command.

If events actually occurred as Indaris relates, then I wouldn’t be the least bit amazed should the god he spoke with turn out to be Anubis or Set instead of Isis. With all of the ways that we mortals have of disguising our appearance, why couldn’t they?

More likely, however, I assume that this is once again Indaris wresting the words of his god to his own damnation.

Rurga, as proved in times past, does not take kindly to people lying. She destroyed her own agent in the presence of CrIsis, and CrIsis called her on it. Would any god feel the need to exact vengeance and justice upon CrIsis it would be her, and here Indaris has served his head up to her on a silver platter.

The fight that Xer’xses had with Indaris in the dueling championship almost seemed fated. Xer’xses parried a well placed blow from Indaris. At first it appeared that he would fail to stop the strike from Brother Indaris, but then, from nowhere, his blade intercepted the blow and Indaris’ false blade fell to the earth revealing itself not only to be a mace and not a blade, but revealing that it was a Runeweapon.

I only hope that Rurga is merciful to the rest of CrIsis, as I doubt that she will spare Indaris.

Recorded in his personal journal on the 7th day of the 10th month of the 99th year of Asher’s life. When you’ve been around longer than some countries you deserve to mark time based on your life.

Image is unsourced. Multiple copies found on web. Likely in public domain due to age.

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