The Man quietly gets up after Xerx’ses leaves the group. The group takes some time for themselves and the man quietly requests Dream to accompany him. Dream obliges and they head off with the animals in tow. The man walks to a nearby shed and grabs some shovels. Together they head out to find a nice secluded place. The man starts digging and the fox follows suit.

After some time of working in silence, Dream speaks up. “I think you’re doing the right thing. If you don’t mind me asking, what changed your mind?”
The man says, “Sometimes fear makes you do things you wouldn’t normally.”
Dream nods in understanding.
After a few more moments of silence, Dream says, “You know, something in Terosh’s compound affected Grignak’s mind. It made him think and believe things he hadn’t before.” He leaves that hang for a moment.

“It made him act in ways he hadn’t before.”

No Name waves his hands towards the hole now big enough and the animals walk in, lay down, and go to sleep. He hands Dream his full canteen and begins piling on dirt. “I know, but to know that I am capable of that when desperate.” He continues shoveling. “I guess I’m the old timer of the group now.” He pauses and looks over Dream. “We will see this to the end right? Maybe when there is balance we will be able to know peace. I miss putting good things in dirt, not bodies.”

Dream nods. “To the end. You know that life, and your family, will be waiting for you when this is over.”

He looks down. “Family yes, but not life.”

“An existence, then. To be filled with good memories you’ll be able to carry with you.” Dream pauses, “For whatever lies ahead.”

The man finishes piling on some dirt. “Well right now it looks like we have some fresh meat on the team. Care to wager how long they will last?” He smiles.

Dream smiles as well. “I hope for a while. They seem like good people, despite Torrun being VERY good at irritating others.”

“I am worried about the juggler. I feel Torrun is just trying to find his place. I kind of like him.”

“You don’t have to do this alone, you know.” Dream states trying to reassure him.

Dream suspends the canteen in the air next to him and begins helping to bury the animals. They finish up and head back to the group.



Picture from RoberLovesPi’s Blog .


4 Responses to “Burial

  • Wow, what a really poignant behind the scenes for No Name- really one of my favorite logs of his!

  • This is the favorite of all his logs because of its current relevance rather than a view into the past.

  • Dream couldn’t possibly make a wager like that… not until he at least sees Merkl in action first!

  • WOW, didn’t see this coming. “bury your problems” literally & figuratively

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