Can I Get The Inside Scoop?

Well met my fellow follower of the light!
Good Father Donal,

In these turbulent times I am trying to bring good news to my friends and I hope this letter finds you hale and whole? Please be to bountiful Apis that it is so. How is Caer Itom and the loyal part of the Western Empire doing? I have been getting a very high level view of the civil war, but how are the people? I know your flock is not the whole Empire, but if it helps I am thinking about them:

  • farmers,
  • civil servants,
  • merchants,
  • & troops fighting to keep their land safe.

The common man is often overlooked in war, generals make decisions that affect those they will never meet and while I have not been shy of my aversion to the Empire, that should not limit the love of the gods of light. In these times I daresay we may need to look beyond the boundaries of our respective countries. Then we can begin to embrace each other as fellow folk that stand in the light, arm in arm for a better tomorrow.

I write this to you on the glorious pre-dawn morning of the Festival of Osiris, outside the now stone walls of the Undead occupied town of Yggdrasil. Their mayor, a Stephen Ravenholm is the necromancer responsible. From our last visit to the town it appears those that are still human know they cannot resist the zombies he has amassed from their loved ones and the soldiers on the Human and Wolfen sides of the war.

At this point the group is discussing one option of burning the town because some of them feel those left have switched into a surviving pattern and now aid the Necromancer rather than become one of its undead minions. If that is true how much death have they decided was acceptable to preserve their own life? Even the nearby wildlife has taken a dark turn with creatures such as Eye-Killers running about. How many more must we sacrifice to try and save the human souls that “may” still be in the town.

The one thing I have learned about war is that it eats at your soul.

Please let the Emperor know we are trying very hard to make it to help everyone. In a leaf turning moment for me I believe that supporting him would bring more peace to the Empire than any option on the table. He will be in my prayers for health, victory, and a peaceful reign. May the folk of the Empire suffer less be that the will of the gods and may peace come once more on the far side of this conflict in front of you all.

If you need to, send a reply to Bishop Tutu and he can relay it to us.

Well, back to making the world a better place for one and all.

Blessings of Isis upon thee,

Indaris Excellar, Seeker of Isis

Sent on the 30th of Majestic in the 4th Year of King Guy of Timiro.

Pictures by our own AZ Rune.

6 Responses to “Can I Get The Inside Scoop?

  • Indaris reaching out to the Western Empire? This was unexpected!

  • 😉 I have a cunning plan

    It also looks like Itomas didn’t order the creation of the Black ship we saw, and it would be helpful to have him on our side when we burn the fortress of darkness down, and the world certainly doesn’t need any more wars than what we have at the moment.

  • “In a leaf turning moment for me I believe that supporting him would bring more peace to the Empire than any option on the table.”
    That is one heck of a leaf turn!!
    This is 2 logs in a row from Indaris that made the GM very happy!!

  • Is this a typo? All hail the emperor.

  • Its more like all hail the bringer of peace. If he can calm the turmoil there it will be a big blow against the dark.

  • Sure…why not try and support as many as we can, hell we are trying to save everyone’s butts…If they don’t like it, they can all get bent.

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