Change in Leadership

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Dead Men Walking,

I regret to inform you that the prior Agent, Zizean has been replaced. He is now part of ReSet, so that he may redeem himself for his errors. Yes, part of his plan succeeded- Overkill was killed. However, the piece that Overkill had was supposed to be in our possession. Instead, that bumbling former student of mine, Azariel, was robbed by the one that Zizean has replaced!!

Oh yes, that brings me to Zizean’s replacement- that would be me, Helgriven. I have fooled you before Azariel, and will triumph again. You all are dead men walking- and I do mean men, for the delicious tortures we have in store for Caminata means she gets to stay alive! I hope that you have some clue about your father dear, for he is waiting for you……

Oh, and that little green pissant that you call a friend is on my list as well Azariel…..

Looking forward to seeing your souls delivered to the Dark!
The Agent of Your Death and Destruction

Set 16, 112


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