Chips Ahoy

We’re off to see Old Haven, la la la….


The crew of Matilda has changed quite a bit in this year and the two new guys I am yet to really get used to (well four if you count the paladin and minstrel who are not members of CrIsis). We were 8 days out of Haven (still attempting to keep New Haven and Haven straight as they are two cities that happen to be close to each other). At any rate, the impending war of the Eastern Territories and the Wolfen Empire is apparently getting heated and we as a team really needed to discuss what we were going to do to keep these two countries from killing and ruining their
homes and farms and increase their number of widows and orphans. It’s bad enough that the two are heated already.

We worked on a plan that might work. While I trust the diplomacy of Bishop Rose, I hope that our reputation will assist in a cease fire or maybe an end to the war that screams to be let out of its cage called peace. We have concocted the idea of using the Finger of Osiris as a peace offering to encourage the two sides to start the peace talks as the Eastern Territories were the ones to start this war because we gave a piece to Wolfen Empire (more like sent a piece there for convenience). The Eastern Territories got all bent out of shape over it and perhaps we should have listened to Isis those many months ago and had got the first piece from the Wooly Dragon, delivered it to Haven and all of this mess could have been avoided but as you know we tried and failed. I still get spooked when I close my eyes from its sheer power.

While traveling to Haven we encountered a stone ship. I thought that they were only a legend. Turns out I was wrong. I don’t know if you have ever seen one but they are massive and I am pretty sure that it came out of Eastern Territories heading North to meet the Wolfen. We had no troubles with them and strangely no communications either. Perhaps it was because it was night fall and they didn’t see us. That’s only speculation.

I do not know what it is about the sea life and Matilda but yellow wood must attract those little buggers because we saw shark and were attacked by something twice (two creatures of the same kind, though it slips me as to what it was). Both times I was knocked into the drink and were it not for my ring of Breath without Air, I am certain that I would of swallowed the sea water. I am just grateful that Gavin and Karma have magic rings that allow them to fly (though you should see a centaur fly, kind of funny and unexpected).

After the first water beast knocked us over a bit we noticed that there was some strong winds and a strange pull on the ship. She wasn’t acting like she used to. I had Cava check it out and nothing seemed amiss except some light structural damage that was quickly patched.

As we were inspecting the ship (Cava and I) the first mate Sir Quixis (the paladin; I know its odd but it works) discovers the second sea serpent and the work the Cava had just done ripped open. As it turned out that the creatures were the trouble for our ship slowing and tearing herself apart. When I got topside I was knocked overboard (and after I had just dried myself off). I wanted so bad to stab that piece of fish food but our Song Mage sings (at a time like this, no that is not a song though it would be funny if it was) and the creature stops (well the whole ship stopped except me for some reason), surfaces and then retreats. Quixis almost had Karma’s flying ring but stopped because of the magic.

I am so glad that we have a magic user on board. Chip might have had won a competition for annoying mage but who cares when he can do the job. I didn’t know that this new magic user has just as many secrets as Chip. I’ll explain later.

When it was finally over Cava retreated again and did a fantastic job at keeping us from sinking; about that time that we noticed the remains of a mast from a ship that didn’t make it. Gavin wants to go back and check it out when the ship was fixed.

Our original plan to go to Haven now detoured, we needed to get fixed and fast so we headed to Iron Sea. This is a Wolfen city that is known for ship building and fishing; thank goodness that they do. When we arrived we were mobbed by Wolfen who thought that we might be from the Eastern Territories (and to be honest three of us were) but they frankly forgave our place of birth when they found that they had ‘CrIsis’ in their presence. There was a lot of excitement for our arrival and when they went to remove our ship from the water I was sure that she was going to break in half from the moan but those fantastic builders did it and it was going to be fixed. The team of ship builders, I found out, was not going to use yellow wood but there was a series of great wood materials that were going to used though they didn’t tell me what it was.

It didn’t take long for our fame to catch the attention of the book readers (apparently there are a lot of literate people here) and we got a fan who wanted to know where we all where. So while we were celebrated with trumpets and flutes and lyres. Slayed Two was the Wolfen’s name that wanted to, that night, go to dinner with us. Thankfully the stress of the journey was a good excuse to postpone the dinner and give us a chance to allow our clothes and leathers to dry out in our hotel (the first night was on Slayed Two).

Finally we had some peace, well for at least an hour.


Sent to Malkin and then Mary via magic pigeon.

Written by Overkill on the 6th of Majestic the 1st year of King Minischmee.

Picture from Elden Ardiente.

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