City of Knowledge


So I am with two, uh… aliens? I am not sure. They say that they are from another land. I know that there is other lands after all that’s where the gods live. At any rate, we have arrived at the city of Blethered to visit the island and the library. I have never seen so many Wolfen. Some say that this has some serious Changling problems. Man I hope that’s only a rumor. These guys will mix in.

I got a hair cut, can’t risk being recognized. They say that its a good cut for where they are from. Man I hope that I do not ever go there. The cut is awful. We are so far from home, I just can’t risk for the sake of Osiris being recognized.

Getting back to the city. Man the city is weird, there are so many languages and the attire is as odd as my hair. Ha ha…. I just hope that the ship is ok while we do the research on that dragon. The monks have been really friendly.

Oh I have changed my name but for the sake of security, what am I talking about, I already talked about my hair. I am going by Goose while I have been here. I know that I will change it again.

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Wolfen picture by Madjaguar




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